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Are you Ready to learn a powerful system of Modern & Professional hypnosis and bring lasting change to yourself and your community? 

Cascade Hypnosis Center was founded in 2013 in Bellingham, WA as a home for compassionate and caring individuals to learn a system of professional & modern hypnosis. Our hypnotist graduates help their clients reduce suffering, find peace and happiness, and ultimately achieve lasting fulfillment in their lives. 

Unlike other training programs, which often focus on training as many students as possible, we are committed to the comprehensive success of our hypnotists in the creation of the hypnosis practice of their dreams. With our comprehensive training program, you're creating meaningful and life-fulfilling work, helping to bring peace and wholeness to yourself, your family and community.

We receive around 3 applications for every spot in our training programs, and we are committed to each of our student's success. We want to help as many clients as possible with the power of hypnosis. The only way to do that is to train hypnotists to have thriving hypnosis practices!

No prior experience or existing training required. Everything you need to create a complete, thriving hypnosis practice is part of our training program. 

This work requires heart and grit, and the willingness do to everything it takes to transform yourself first, so that you can make the biggest difference possible with your clients and community. 

If you’re ready to do everything it takes to transform yourself and your clients with the awesome power of a modern and professional system of hypnosis, complete the application by clicking Apply Now above. 

Graduates of the Cascade Hypnosis Training Program

Become a Professional Hypnotherapist with the Cascade Hypnosis Training Program


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