Boost Your Ad Performance with Ad Extensions

Google AdWords offers "Ad Extensions" for your online ads. Should you be using them? The quick answer is a definitive Yes.

Why use Ad Extensions

The reason is that Ad Extensions bring higher visibility to your ad, and provide the information that your prospective clients and customers may be looking for right there - like your phone number, address, and links directly to sections or pages on your site.

For example, a "call extension" will display your phone number next to your ad. For my hypnosis business, the #1 action I want visitors to my website to take is to pick up the phone and call me. When they call I can answer all their questions about hypnosis, and most likely I will be able to turn that caller into a new client.

What's the cost of ad extensions?

The cost of a click on an ad extension is the same for a cost on the ad itself, so there's no added cost to using extensions.

What types of ad extensions are there?

There are many types of ad extensions. I'm covering only a few here which I find particularly useful and use in my AdWords accounts on nearly all of my ads.

Click to Call
  • Call Extension : add a "click to call" button to your ad (on high-end mobile devices).
    • Call extensions have typically increased clickthrough rate (CTR) by 6-8%.
    • You may want to modify days and times when this extension is displayed to correspond to your business hours.
    • Configure Call Extensions now.
    • Location Extension : show your business address, phone number, and a map marker with your ad text.

There are many other Ad Extensions that you may want to explore, all outlined on Google's AdWords Help site. Since there's no cost to using Ad Extensions, and it boosts your ads performance, it's a no brainer. You should plan on using them right away.