2016 DIY Marketing Goals for Hypnotists

One of the current trends you've likely noticed is that people want to be able to do things themselves. It's often a combination of wanting to know how to do it themselves and out of necessity - not waiting for someone else to update your website for example is a common one for hypnotists.

This is why sites like Google and YouTube are so popular. People - including our potential customers - are turning to the Internet to answer their questions and they don't want to wait for someone to do it for them.

We are in the DIY era of Do It Yourself, or "Do It with Youtube".

The same is true with hypnotists and marketing.

Hypnotists reach out to me because they are tired of feeling stuck waiting for their web person or team to make changes to their website or other aspects of their business, and they don't know where to turn.

So I've been teaching them 

how to do the marketing for their own business themselves

. It's liberating for them, and very rewarding for me.

We're in the Era of Do It Yourself so Set a Goal for Learning about Marketing in 2016

The Good News

There are things you can do  

right now to  increase your understanding of marketing your business AND have the best year yet. 

And the ones listed below are also FREE.

Most Importantly : Write Down Your 2016 Goals

Did you know that by simply writing your goals down you are 90% more likely to achieve them?

But what goals make sense for your business? I've included some ideas below with references to get you started.

2016 Goal Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started and they're all FREE (the ideas and the tasks):

1. Client attraction goals

How many more clients or sessions per month or year do you want to see in 2016? A good goal would be at least an increase of 10%. Write it down somewhere that you can return to later. You should revisit your goals every 3 months.

Note that many of the other goals will feed into this goal - your website traffic goals can lead to more sessions. A new hypnosis video can lead to more client sessions. So this goal can be your primary marketing goal.

2. Website traffic goals

A goal for increasing traffic to your website, this would be measured by web analytics, something like Google Analytics (see below for the next goal). A good goal may be to increase website traffic by 20% this year.

3. Content Creation Goals

Creating great content will always be a part of our job as hypnotists. Why? Because the general public still has misperceptions about what hypnosis is and how it works. Part of our job as hypnotists is to educate our communities and potential clients on what hypnosis is, and how it can help them.

One of the ways you can bring in more clients and get your message out there is to create more content in the form of : videos, blog posts, audio recordings (podcasts), or web pages.

One goal would be to create one good, fresh piece of content every month, either as a video or blog post. Then share it on your social channels (that's just a fancy term for saying share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).

4. Marketing Education Goals

Learn something new that will improve your marketing skills, for example :

  • Website Analytics

4. Increase Your Social Reach

Increase traffic, audience, and influence on your Facebook pages, Twitter site, Google+ site, LinkedIn profile or business page, and any other social networking sites.

In as little as 20 minutes a day you can check in and post across all of them updates for you and your business. You can use tools like Buffer or HootSuite to streamline the service.

Why do you want to increase your Social Reach? To reach more people, which will in turn help you meet one of your goals of increasing the number of clients or sessions for the year and increase website traffic (which is also part of helping more people).

5. Update your website

Mobile Friendly Website Design

This was actually a goal for 2015, but if you haven't done it yet, Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly. If you've already done that, then plan on making updates to your pages based on input from your website analytics reports.

If a webpage is performing well, it may not need to be updated. But when you learn how to Write effective Webpage Copy and learn about SEO, you should go back through your website and make appropriate updates.

My website is never finished - I am constantly making updates to it and I think that type of mindset is helpful when it comes to your website. It will never be "done". And that's OK. You are constantly making it better.

Next : Put Your Goals on the Calendar with 3 Month Reminders

All of these goals are designed to increase your understanding of how to market your business WHILE you bring in more clients and customers, but completing your goals will likely happen over time. That's why I recommend adding your goals to your calendar with regular reminder check-ins.

Here's a brief overview of how it could look for you for 2016. What you can do is actually copy and paste the items below, then add them to your calendar (digital or paper) on a specific date. Give yourself an hour or so to review and check in on your goals to see how you've performed against what your goal was.

Additionally, you can put the learning elements, like Learn About SEO on your calendar a month early to make sure it's completed in time. This is called "time boxing" and what it does is it blocks out your calendar with this specific task so you can be sure to complete it on time. If you wait to add it to your calendar until you "have time" it may never happen.

Goals : Increase number of sessions with clients by 10%, increase web traffic by 25% and increase social reach by 40%.

March 2016

  • Increased number of sessions by 4%
  • Increased website traffic by 10%
  • Increased social reach by 10% (an easy way to measure this is simply record your current number of followers over time).
  • Learn About SEO
  • 3 new pieces of content : What is Hypnosis (video), 10 Things you Probably Didn't Know Hypnosis Helps with (blog article), and one other blog article.
  • Update Website

June 2016

  • Increased number of sessions by 6%
  • Increased website traffic by 15%
  • Increased social reach by 20% (an easy way to measure this is simply record your current number of followers over time).
  • Learn About Landing Pages and Website Copy
  • 3 new pieces of content : Basic Self-Hypnosis at Home (video), How Hypnosis is Different than What You May Think (blog), and one other blog article.
  • Update Website

September 2016

  • Increased number of sessions by 8%
  • Increased website traffic by 20%
  • Increased social reach by 30% (an easy way to measure this is simply record your current number of followers over time).
  • Learn About Facebook Marketing
  • 3 new pieces of content : How to Use Hypnosis to Sleep Better (video), Hypnosis and Stopping Smoking (blog article on what happens to the body after stopping smoking), and one other blog article.
  • Update Website

December 2016

  • Increased number of sessions by 10%
  • Increased website traffic by 10%
  • Increased social reach by 40% (an easy way to measure this is simply record your current number of followers over time).
  • Learn About Google Analytics or AdWords
  • 3 new pieces of content : Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis (video), Hypnosis and Athletes (or Kids, or Pain Management) blog article, and one other blog article.
  • Update Website

Marketing Isn't Hard - It Just Requires Time and Study

What you'll find is that learning about marketing increases your understanding of how your business works. It doesn't have to be hard, it just takes time and diligence reading and reviewing some of the online material.

However, some aspects are more challenging and technical than others. Google Analytics and Adwords are more technically challenging than learning to write good Webpage Copy, so maybe you learn you'd rather pay someone to help you with Website Analytics or Google AdWords.

Either way you will have learned something and you will be happy to have more of an understanding of what you want to do yourself, and what you want to get help with.

This leads to our communities having a deeper understanding of what hypnosis is, how it can help them, and YOU as their trusted resource. When and if they need you, with good marketing they'll be able to find you. Your business will grow, and your community will get the help they need. Good job.

What are your marketing goals for 2016? Let me know by leaving a comment below. We can check in at the end of 2016 and see how you did.