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Three Breakthrough Techniques to Help Clients Overcome Substance Issues: A Case Study

Brian was struggling with an alcohol and meth addiction for over 20 years. He arrived to the hypnosis center desperate for a change, yet he had tried everything else to try and quit - and nothing had worked. Learn the three breakthrough strategies that helped him finally find peace and happiness with hypnosis using these advanced techniques.

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How to Create Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions

Creating powerful hypnotic suggestions is an important skill for every professional hypnotist. In this article we outline how to create powerful hypnotic suggestions, including a list of hypnotic suggestion qualities, ways to elicit suggestions, and a list of powerful hypnotic words to use, with a free pdf download for deeper learning and study.

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Hypnosis Training Video #531: How to Build Your Hypnosis Practice In a New Way, by Telling Stories

Good storytelling is a very powerful tool, and it can seriously help you build your business. We want you and your hypnosis practice to be successful, so to help you build your business we are going to teach how to become a great storyteller. In this video, we explain how to start effectively telling stories, how to get potential clients by telling client success stories, how to interest potential clients in hearing your stories, how to tell stories that are specific enough to motivate your clients to book with you right away, and more.

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Hypnosis Training Video #530: Essential Hypnotic Age Regression Language for Powerful Consistent Results

Learn the age regression regression techniques that will help you maximize results for your clients such as how you can avoid common pitfalls that negatively affect your age regression sessions, how you can prep your clients for their age regression sessions, how to avoid conscious mind interference, how to use the Fab Five for efficient and effective sessions, and more!

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Hypnosis Training Video #529: Use Hypnosis to Help the “Perfectionist” To Get Going and Become A Success in Life

Learn how you can use hypnosis to help your “perfectionist” clients to be successful. We explain how to reframe being a “perfectionist” so that you can “unfreeze” your clients, we pinpoint the emotion behind perfectionism and discuss how to overcome it, and we cover how deep forgiveness work frees your clients from perfectionism!

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Hypnosis Training Video #515: How to Conduct & Build Community Courses for Your Hypnosis Practice

The ultimate goal of teaching a course about hypnosis is to help the public better understand what hypnosis is. We know that there are a lot of common misconceptions about hypnosis, and part of our work as hypnotists is to dispel the myths about hypnosis. To help you get prepared to design and teach a hypnosis course in your community, we have created a framework for the things you will definitely want to include in your class.

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Hypnosis Training Video #528: Overcome the 5 Money Blocks that Hypnotists Experience That Keep Them from Being Financially Successful

As hypnotists, all we want to do is help people, we want to help our clients and we want them to get great results. But we have to be able to make money so that we can keep our practices up and running in order to provide to our clients.

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Hypnosis Training Video #524: Benefits of Adding Hypnosis to Medical, Chiropractic and Therapeutic Practices

Many helping professionals share the same common misconceptions about hypnosis as the general public. We address the common concerns that helping professionals have about doing hypnosis in their office and talk about how and why you as a helping professional might want to consider adding 5-PATH® hypnosis to your practice.

As hypnotists, we share a commonality with helping professionals, and that is that we do what we do to help our clients get results.

We firmly believe that adding a hypnosis system to your practice allows for greater results and the opportunity for every single session to become a breakthrough. Even the very skilled helping professionals find that in some sessions, and sometimes even many sessions, you don’t really make a breakthrough. But with hypnosis, we have both experienced client breakthroughs in every session.

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