Hypnosis Training Video #438: Freewill & Hypnosis Revealed


Do hypnosis clients have free-will or are they under the hypnotists' control? 

Our clients absolutely have free will, and we WANT them to have free will. 

The most powerful hypnosis changes take place because the clients REALIZES their own solution - that always comes as a result of having free will and feeling safe in order to process past experiences - usually hurtful ones that are full of erroneous beliefs and misperceptions. 

Some of our clients may wish we had control and could simply just "make" them stop smoking, or stop eating that food, but that type of change would not be organic, nor beneficial to the client. This type of change often happens when a client feels forced to do something and they don't want to. And it doesn't last. 

Watch the video below to learn the powerful way to help clients achieve lasting results WITH freewill and the power of the subcosncious mind faciliated through hypnosis. 

Erika Flint