Hypnosis Training Video #447: Two Techniques That Turn Your Clients Into Confident Success Stories


Want to be a world-class hypnotist and help people achieve lasting relief and success?

Focus on the following: 

✓ Flexibility with approach

✓ Incremental success

✓ Powerful Future Progress (a powerful hypnosis technique where clients PREVIFIFY their success and create an expectation for success)

The incremental approach is important to help clients understand that they are changing.

This builds confidence and helps client focus on what they are doing right. When the brain feels successful, it alleviates stress and offers an opportunity for massive expansion and personal growth.

One of the principles of the mind is that whatever we focus on grows - when clients focus on success - even small, they FEEL better, and are more likely to keep their changes. This means faster and better results for clients, and business growth for you.

Click to watch the Free Hypnosis Training video below to learn more about these techniques and help clients get results faster! 

Erika Flint