Hypnosis Training Video #447: Two Techniques That Turn Your Clients Into Confident Success Stories


Do you want to be a world-class hypnotist and help people achieve lasting relief and success?

I thought so! 

Here's how to do it - focus on the following two things: 

1 - Flexibility with approach

Being flexible in your approach as a hypnotist is a sign of a true professional.

I always have a plan for my clients, and then when they arrive, the plan may change.

This is the power of using a systematic approach to hypnosis because it allows you the confidence of knowing what to do with every single client and the flexibility of modifying it on the fly with them. 

For example, I may plan on helping a client release limiting feelings of anger toward a parent or or x-partner, yet when she arrives, she may report that she's nervous again about something that transpired in the previous week, and ended up eating too much Thursday night. 

Based on that new information, I would likely decide to do a Date-Time Age Regression with the client to resolve the over eating incident that occurred that week. That would be a more powerful technique than continuing on with what I had previously planned. Why? Because it just happened to her days prior - so the experience is fresh in her mind, it's like your client is handing you a gift! We always want to take what our clients are offering us, then utilize that information and experience to their advantage. 

Later in the session, we may then move to the work I already had planned, which by the way would also help her not over-eat as she was turning to food to resolve anxiety regarding her recent divorce. 

2 - Age Progression (Future Progression) 

 Age progression is a part of Age Regression, exception that you have your clients imagine (pre-vivify) their future as-if they've already achieved all the results! 

This technique alone can change the world when done well.

It's really all you need to help your clients, if they can do it properly - and most coming to see us have a hard time because there are other limiting emotions keeping them from fully experiencing their full, powerful self.

And that's why we have other techniques to eliminate years of emotional baggage - like Age Regression (fear), Forgiveness Therapies (anger, guilt, and unfairness).  

When we have our clients capture the energy of their End-State it is what will help transform them into becoming the person they need to be in order for them to make the change they want to make. 

This may sound backwards if you're not familiar with this approach.

The idea is you have to become the person who has already achieved the result, in order to achieve the result.

For example with my weight loss clients, they need to imagine being a version of themselves that is already at a healthy weight in order to lose the weight.

I have them first imagine that they've already lost all the weight. They pre-vivify what it feels like, looks like, sounds like, smells like, and feels like, and from that place, now they imagine having a stressful day.

What does that future version of themselves do when stressed? They don't stress eat, or emotionally eat! They go on a walk, call a friend, listen to music, go on a drive, etc. Given that new information, the client becomes their future self now - and behaves as-if they've lost the weight, and the weight loss becomes easy. So, even before losing all the weight, they walk when stressed, and it's easy for them since you captured, and anchor the end-state energy. 

Also important is Incremental Success

Part of both of the above, is the concept of Incremental success. Most things in life are incremental. Mother nature is incremental. Plant growth is incremental, for example - even if we believe the seed pokes through the ground all at once, the seed has actually been growing underground for quite some time.

The point is to help our clients notice the small changes, which leads to momentum, then leads to self-sustaining change. 

Incremental Success → Momentum → Self-sustaining Change

The incremental approach is important to help clients understand that they are changing.

This builds confidence and helps client focus on what they are doing right. When the brain feels successful, it alleviates stress and offers an opportunity for massive expansion and personal growth.

One of the principles of the mind is that whatever we focus on grows.  So, when clients focus on success - even small success - they FEEL better and are more likely to keep their changes. This means faster and better results for clients, and business growth for you.

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The Meta-Message Of This Episode : Our clients feel successful when they notice CHANGE

The meta-message of this episode is that our clients feel successful when they notice change. Help them notice what is changing - from the small aspects to the large in their life. Taking clients to a future event and having them capture the essence, the energy, from that future state (called "End State") is really powerful - it will pull them forward into the future where they DO notice the transformation taking place which motivates them to stay on track! 

I want to hear from you! How do you notice big and small changes in your life? Do you purposefully look for them, or wait until something big comes along? 

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Erika Flint