Hypnosis Training Video #448: How To Work Like A Pro Right Now Even On Very First Client!


Many hypnotists believe what they need before seeing clients is more training - yet what they likely need instead is the right training.

What is the right training? Training that pushes you - that tests you, practicing with a partner over and over, so you can do the techniques without thinking about them, then use a systematic approach with hypnosis including insight based therapy instead of just more hypnosis scripts.

Your clients need a responsive and dynamic approach - and the best way to be dynamic and responsive is to have a systematic approach that is also flexible - where you can learn and train for the best techniques, but also know that you can modify your approach on the fly to be client-centric. 

Click to watch the video below where Erika Flint and Cal Banyan share how to work like a pro from the very first client with training, drilling, and a systematic approach to hypnosis.

At our training center we want our hypnosis graduates to go from "Classroom to Client" - and this means that from the day they graduate from our course, they can see their first client and help them. 

New-HypnotistErika Flint