Hypnosis Training Video #459: Program Your Clients for Success with this Custom Technique


Don't  Be A "Script-notist"

The old method of hypnosis involved a hypnotist reading the client a script full of suggestions for the client. The script was often customized for the client, but the hypnosis sessions was usually one-way - the hypnotist was doing almost all of the talking. And while not a bad way to help clients, it's not the most effective. 

Don't be a "Script-Notist". 

Modern Hypnosis Techniques Include Insight Therapy with Custom, Real-Time Hypnosis Suggestions 

The improved way to help clients is to use advanced techniques, like Age Regression, Forgiveness Techniques, and Parts Mediation Techniques, then customize hypnotic suggestions in real-time based on input from your client. 

How to Customize Hypnotic Suggestions in Real Time

The #1 most important thing to keep in mind at all times when working with clients is to be fully present.

Listen carefully.

Our clients tell us exactly what they want, you just have to listen very carefully.

Give clients what they want first.

Then give them what they need.

What does that mean? It means a client may come in wanting to lose weight. Help her to lose a little weight. In doing so, she feels better. Then give her what she really needs which is self-love to keep it off and live a fulfilling and enjoyable life. 

Step 1: Listen carefully to what your client tells you they want. Write it down. 

Step 2:  Go into a hypnotic state yourself first - it's important to always go into state first. This helps you to be fully present and focused, and model the behavior you want to see in your client.

Step 3: Repeat back to your client what they told you they want. Repetition is the mother of all learning. Our brains absolutely love it. Your clients will think you're a genius when you repeat back to them their own words. They'll say "that was the most beautiful thing I've heard", or "wow that really resonated with me". 

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Erika Flint