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Hypnosis Training Video #490: How to Deal with Clients Who Sleep During Sessions & How You Can Stop Encouraging it!

HELP! I have a client who always goes to sleep in session! 

Erika Flint

Erika Flint

Cal Banyan

Cal Banyan

In this video, Cal and I share some important tips regarding clients who regularly fall asleep in session.

Understanding how this happens and some simple technique modifications for prevention can make you a more effective hypnotist for all clients. 

Here are the highlights from the video : 

What hypnotists do that can cause clients to go to sleep : 

  1. The hypnotist is talking too slowly.
  2. There's too much time spent deepening the client with suggestions for deeper relaxation.
  3. Not making the session interactive and asking for client input, such as responding verbally, nodding their head, or lifting a finger.  
  4. Not utilizing a more progressive, modern induction like the 5-PATH Rapid Induction  or the Time Tunneling Technique ™ which is an affect induced age regression induction. 

How to interact with clients who regularly go to sleep in session:

  1. Understand that hypnosis is not sleep and your client needs to realize this as well. It's a common misperception in the public for a variety of reasons, but in part the phrases 'you're getting sleepy', and movies that suggest hypnosis is a form of sleep. 
  2. Learn to recognize if your client is sleeping. Note that snoring is not necessarily sleep
  3. Ask your client if they regularly have issues sleeping during the day as well? It could be indicative of a deeper issue.
  4. Understand that some clients sleep as a protective mechanism - not because they're tired or sleepy. Sleep is one of our very first coping strategies as infants. And it's still very useful as a technique as adults as well - for example 'I'll sleep on it' can help our subconscious mind consider options and provide solutions. But it's not effective in the hypnosis office.


  1. Hypnotize quickly using an instant or rapid induction, like the 5-PATH Rapid Induction or the 8-Word Instant Induction
  2. Use interactive and insight generating techniques with your client like Age Regression, Forgiveness Therapy, Parts Mediation Therapy, and Age Progression. 



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Erika Flint

Hypnosis Training Video #473: Quickly Find & Fix False Expectations for Hypnosis Success
Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Manage False Expectations in the Hypnosis Office to improve client success

Most clients will come to hypnosis with false expectations, and managing false expectations is critical to success with our clients.

False expectations are born out of the media's portrayal of hypnosis, stage hypnosis shows that give our clients ideas about hypnosis that aren't necessarily true, past experience with hypnosis, and other peoples experience with hypnosis. 


Here is the important list of false expectations with clients: 

  1. Client's previous experience with hypnosis : if your client has seen another hypnotist your approach may be different.
  2. Client's friends have had hypnosis before : your client may expect their session will be exactly like a friends.
  3. Movies, TV, and Stage Hypnosis : your client may have false expectations from movies, television, and stage hypnosis shows.
  4. Client's state or feeling that day : your client may believe they're too tired, too emotional, or not emotional enough to work with you.
  5. Client may be expecting failure : your client may be coming to you expecting failure - watch for this. 


What happens if you don't manage these false expectations?

Your client will not achieve the success they want - these false expectations are false beliefs that keep our clients from being as successful as possible, so they need to be addressed.

    These types of false expectations can come up at any time in the process -  before the hypnosis session, during the hypnosis session, and even before you begin working with your client, so watch the video to learn how to fix these false expectations. 

    Hypnosis Training Video #449: Out with the "Same Old Story" for Amazing Hypnotherapy Transformations

    Our client's Same-Old-Story (SOS) keeps them trapped in old ways of thinking and believing. If we don't help them to create a new story  they'll never get to where they want to go. 

    How do you know if your client is telling their SOS? 

    One of the primary indicators is that it's become part of their IDENTITY. If your client begins to share with you a story that seems to be part of who they are as a person, you've got an identity level story - and this SOS desperately needs an update or it will be hard to help your client change in any meaningful and lasting way. 

    One of the first things to do when you recognize that your client has an SOS, is to use temporal language with your client to help them experience the story as being in the past, and not necessarily part of their future. 

    Your client may say to you "My mother never loved nor cared for me as a child, so that's why I grew up so needy and clingy. So I continue to get  into bad relationships seeking that love and attention I never could get from her". 

    Your response could be, "Thank you for sharing that with me. What I want you to realize is that, what you just told me there, is the OLD way of being, your old story. You USED to get into bad relationships seeking love and attention. What do you want your new story to be?" 

    "Used to get into bad relationships" is using temporal language to shift your client's perception of their own experience. 

    They're coming into see you for a change, for something different than how it has been, right? 

    So help them first by helping them to shift how they structure their own thinking on the topic. 

    Next, you'll help them create their new story. 

    Click below to watch this powerful hypnosis training video on out with your client's old SOS!