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Hypnosis Training Video #449: Out with the "Same Old Story" for Amazing Hypnotherapy Transformations

Our client's Same-Old-Story (SOS) keeps them trapped in old ways of thinking and believing. If we don't help them to create a new story  they'll never get to where they want to go. 

How do you know if your client is telling their SOS? 

One of the primary indicators is that it's become part of their IDENTITY. If your client begins to share with you a story that seems to be part of who they are as a person, you've got an identity level story - and this SOS desperately needs an update or it will be hard to help your client change in any meaningful and lasting way. 

One of the first things to do when you recognize that your client has an SOS, is to use temporal language with your client to help them experience the story as being in the past, and not necessarily part of their future. 

Your client may say to you "My mother never loved nor cared for me as a child, so that's why I grew up so needy and clingy. So I continue to get  into bad relationships seeking that love and attention I never could get from her". 

Your response could be, "Thank you for sharing that with me. What I want you to realize is that, what you just told me there, is the OLD way of being, your old story. You USED to get into bad relationships seeking love and attention. What do you want your new story to be?" 

"Used to get into bad relationships" is using temporal language to shift your client's perception of their own experience. 

They're coming into see you for a change, for something different than how it has been, right? 

So help them first by helping them to shift how they structure their own thinking on the topic. 

Next, you'll help them create their new story. 

Click below to watch this powerful hypnosis training video on out with your client's old SOS!