Reprogram Your Weight for 5-PATH ® Hypnotists Licensing

Reprogram Your Weight for 5-PATH ® Hypnotists Licensing

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Reprogram Your Weight Licensing Program

The Reprogram Your Weight Licensing Program enables the 5-PATH practitioner to utilize the Reprogram Your Weight framework with clients to help them achieve lasting weight loss without the struggle and increase your income at the same time.

How it works: You sign up your weight loss clients as you normally would. Your client gets a welcome package including copies of Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, and immediate access to the Reprogram Your Weight video training with a custom RYW Workbook with your details. This means your client can get started the day they sign up with you. They’ll get faster results, and working with them will be easier for you with the additional support.

You pay a licensing fee for the whole year -  ($1600) to get your account setup for licensing and all books and shipping is included for up to 50 clients. There is NO per-client fee.  You can make up the money spent on the license program with one client. And by funneling clients into a back-end maintenance program where you have an opportunity to earn additional income by assisting with managing the program. 

Benefits to clients: they can get started right away which means they start making changes and losing weight right away. Most weight loss clients are greatly helped with the 5-PATH process, but because weight loss is complex, they also benefit from the additional support of the RYW system. The support allows them to watch, and re-watch training material regarding the concepts of the Reprogram Your Weight system. All RYW clients also are pre-qualified to then join the 6-month RYW maintenance program for ongoing support.

Benefits to Hypnotists: Your clients arrive for session already having made changes. They already understand the basics of how to lose weight with hypnosis, so your job is easier. You can focus on the hypnosis aspect of the work, and allow the RYW system to take care of the common aspects of day-to-day weight loss that most clients experience. Clients can get started the very day they sign up with you. Make additional income by converting your clients into the back-end RYW maintenance program and help manage the back-end.

Fees: The license program is a one-time, yearly fee  of ($1600)  to get registered and setup. There are no per-client fees. The program is designed to make you money since you will spend less time working with clients, and achieve faster and better results by utilizing a system that is known to work. 

Other details: Hypnotists that want to make additional income can apply to help manage the back-end maintenance program which pays a monthly fee depending on the number of participants in the program.  Licensees with minimum one client in the back-end program are qualified to help manage the maintenance program. 

My Why: I can’t do this alone – I need your help. The RYW system works really well, but I can only help so many clients in a single month. I want to help you help clients with the same program that works for me and my clients, and while doing it, you will make more money and grow your business. Once you license the material you become part of the solution! You are a recommended partner and now will be helping not only your clients in the maintenance program, but other clients as well achieve their best.

Per-client fee: Nothing! One year of licensing includes up to 50 clients and includes shipping to the continental US. 

Reprogram Your Weight Ongoing Maintenance: Per-client fee of $200 / month, and as long as you have one client in the maintenance program you qualify to help manage the maintenance group at a flat monthly rate (depending on how many clients in the group). 

How do I get clients access?

Fill out a form and they’ll have automatic access :

Welcome package will be mailed directly to your client in the continental US. You will be responsible for additional shipping to any location outside the continental US.

After your first 10 clients, you will have access to obtaining 5 welcome packages a time at your location for convenience. 

How do I get my personalized RYW Play books made? 

You will fill out a form, available in a few days, where you will upload your specific details. 

RYW Licensing Terms of Use

This one time fee is for a duration of one year from the date signed. The next calendar year licensees may re-license the product at the same rate originally paid. This is the rate you will pay for life if your account is kept current year after year.

All clients must be given all materials : Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, and the Reprogram Your Weight Playbook, plus granted access to the Reprogram Your Weight Live video Training. 

Custom RYW Play books will be created and edited once a year. Any requested changes will incur a per-change $300 fee.

Client welcome packets will be mailed within 3 business days of ordering, during normal operational business hours. 

After 10 client orders, licensees may obtain 5 client welcome packages to self-distribute. 

License includes up to 50 client welcome packages mailed within the continental US. Licensees must pay additional shipping for any client welcome packages mailed outside the continental US. 

Additional per-client fee of $35 will be charged per welcome package for each client past over 50 clients. 

Cascade Hypnosis Center obtains right to modify client welcome packages at any time. 

Licensees with at least one client in the RYW maintenance program may assist managing the maintenance group. Fees paid to licensees vary depending on number of clients but range from $100 - $1000 US / Month and require a minimum 3 and maximum 6 hours of work per month. 

By purchasing this product you agree to the above terms of use.