Reprogram Your Weight For Hypnotists Master Training & Licensing FEB 22-23rd

Reprogram Your Weight For Hypnotists Master Training & Licensing FEB 22-23rd

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Learn the specific and proven techniques behind the Reprogram Your Weight system of lasting weight loss without the struggle.

Do you want to help people lose weight with hypnosis, earn a great income, and have it done for you with a proven system that works?

Good, you’re in the right place.



NOTE THIS COURSE HAS 2 PAYMENT OPTIONS : $1600 (select Purchase button below) , or 6 PAYMENTS OF $300 for a total fee of $1800. IF YOU WANT THE PAYMENT OPTION —> CLICK HERE. Use code “LIGHTER” when checking out to save $$ By Sunday Feb 10.

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This is a LIVE course at Cascade Hypnosis Center’s offices in Bellingham, WA. We will not be offering this course remotely at this time.

We have very limited seating for this event - only 5 spots. Register now to secure your seat.

This training licenses you to offer the RYW to your clients. You will receive as part of this training, 5 client licenses including all of the material to offer your clients including the client pre-work video training material.

This course pays for itself with 1 client.

Course Overview

Day 1 : Overview and Client Success 

  • Overview of the Reprogram Your Weight System

  • The Reprogram Your Weight Framework

  • Initial Consultation & How to Sell RYW - objections, ideal clients, and approach

  • Setting clients up for success : external data, homework, pre-work, and other session related details

  • In the minds of our clients - basics of the brain and neuroscience, eating, and behavior as it applies to hypnosis and 5-PATH

  • Mindset of the RYW Hypnotist

Day 2: Details of Tools, Techniques, and modifications to 5-PATH processes

Day Two is more detail and application -  additional hypnosis and other tools to provide expert-level support to your clients for a variety of situations.

  • Maximizing the Pre-hypnosis interview for client success

  • The Reprogram Your Weight Details : incremental success, default response, negativity bias, limiting beliefs, end-state

  • Advanced Hypnosis for RYW clients : direct suggestion, modifications to 5-PATH phases, and techniques

  • Addressing the big three : Sleep, Stress, Sugar

  • Nutrition and Activity Modifications

  • Common client pitfalls and resolutions

  • Back-end and ongoing support for clients

This is a tentative agenda and will change. 

Course material will be provided at the training. 

Who this course is for

5-PATH hypnotists who want to grow their business and practice by helping clients lose weight with hypnosis. 


  • You must be a 5-PATH ® Hypnotist in good standing.

  • Read both books : Reprogram Your Weight, and Lighter - these books will be provided as PDF documents prior to course, or you can purchase via kindle (both), or paperback (Reprogram Your Weight) online.

Additional Details: 

My Why

I'm teaching this course because I want to help more people lose weight with hypnosis. This is my dream, and my mission. I can't do it without your help! And it's important to me that every student in this course is dedicated to helping others lose weight. 

This course is being offered initially only for my graduates - and you know what it's like to me in my training. You always get more than what is outlined. Expect to be thrilled with what you learn, and especially by what you know how to apply at the end of this training. I will open it up to all 5-PATHErs after that.

Let's help more people with the power of hypnosis! 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Instructor : Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI, OB

Note : there are no refunds, cancellations,  or transfers for this course. Please ensure you can take the course before registering. 


Reprogram Your Weight Licensing Program

The Reprogram Your Weight Licensing Program enables the 5-PATH practitioner to utilize the Reprogram Your Weight framework with clients to help them achieve lasting weight loss without the struggle and increase your income at the same time.

How it works: You sign up your weight loss clients as you normally would. You’ll give your client a welcome package, which includes copies of Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, and immediate access to the Reprogram Your Weight client pre-work video training and a customized RYW Playbook with your details. This means your client can get started the day they sign up with you. They’ll get faster results, and working with them will be easier for you with the additional support.

This training includes licenses for 25 clients per year. You will receive licensed client packages in increments of 3, or as needed - each licensed client package includes 3 copies each of Reprogram Your Weight, 3 copies of Lighter, 3 RYW Playbooks, and 3 licenses for online video pre-work training.

Benefits to clients: they can get started right away which means they start making changes and losing weight right away. Most weight loss clients are greatly helped with the 5-PATH process, but because weight loss is complex, they also benefit from the additional support of the RYW system. The support allows them to watch, and re-watch training material regarding the concepts of the Reprogram Your Weight system. All RYW clients also are pre-qualified to then join the 6-month RYW maintenance program for ongoing support.

Benefits to Hypnotists: Your clients arrive for session already having made changes. They already understand the basics of how to lose weight with hypnosis, so your job is easier. You can focus on the hypnosis aspect of the work, and allow the RYW system to take care of the common aspects of day-to-day weight loss that most clients experience. Clients can get started the very day they sign up with you. Make additional income by converting your clients into the back-end RYW maintenance program and help manage the back-end.

Other details: Hypnotists that want to make additional income can apply to help manage the back-end maintenance program which pays a monthly fee depending on the number of participants in the program.  Licensees with minimum one client in the back-end program are qualified to help manage the maintenance program. 

My Why: I can’t do this alone – I need your help. The RYW system works extremely well for our ideal clients, but I can only help so many clients in a single month. I want to help you help clients with the same program that works for me and my clients, and while doing it, you will make more money and grow your business. Once you license the material you become part of the solution! You are a recommended partner and now will be helping not only your clients in the maintenance program, but other clients as well achieve their best.

By purchasing this product you agree to the above terms of use.