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Your Metabolism is Increasing MP3

Use this hypnosis recording to improve how your body metabolizes food, which naturally results in more energy, increased mood, and feelings of empowerment and serenity. Regular listening can result in increased happiness and fulfillment with the smallest things in life.


Your Metabolism is Increasing MP3

Use hypnosis to support your metabolism

This powerful 14-minute hypnosis mp3 recording will help you lose weight with the simple yet powerful suggestion that your metabolism is increasing and burning all excess weight. Increasing awareness and allowing your body safely and easily burn excess weight, this recording encourages safe and healthy weight loss while also giving your body 14 minutes of healthy relaxation and stillness.Listening to this recording regularly compliments any existing weight loss program you are on, and will help motivate you to stay on track while also giving your body healthy amounts of calm and relaxation

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Erika Flint

Your audio recording was developed and voiced by Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI, OB, author of Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, and Can You Be a Hypnotist?

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