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Lose Weight With Hypnosis Bundle

This hypnosis weight loss mp3 super bundle includes all 6 powerful hypnosis weight loss recordings, plus 2 bonus recordings of the very popular and uplifting “Just Say Yes” recordings. Save $80 when purchased together.


Lose Weight with Hypnosis Bundle

Eight powerful recordings to support your goals

This hypnosis audio download will motivate you to be active, eat mindfully, appreciate your body, and allow all excess weight to melt away. The package includes the following recordings, which are also available for sale individually:

This powerful 18-minute hypnosis mp3 recording will help you eat less by returning your appetite to its natural state. 

Improve the way your body metabolizes food which naturally results in more energy, increased mood, and feelings of empowerment and serenity.

A favorite of clients - imagine weight melting away bringing you peace and serenity and the ability to do whatever you want in your life. 

Reprogram yourself to eat mindfully - only when your body needs food, and begin losing weight daily.

Begin enjoying the natural movement of your body and increased desire to become more active. 

Begin to easily and effortlessly love yourself and your unique qualities that only you can bring to this world. 

Embrace life and live in an empowered state moment by moment full of presence and awe.

Just say YES to you and your life. An inspirational recording designed to help you embrace and enjoy life to its fullest.

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Your audio recording was developed and voiced by Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI, OB, author of Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, and Can You Be a Hypnotist?

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