Professional Hypnotherapist Interview Questions

Please use this form to answer interview questions for our Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services-branded video series. As well as giving us a glowing review, we'd really like you to big yourself up and to coach aspiring hypnotists who are in the same spot that you were in before you took this journey.

Our viewers are wondering if training at Cascade Hypnosis Center is the right move and if it can help them in their mission. They're trying to decide if it's possible for them to learn how to hypnotize someone & create a thriving practice doing it. They're wondering if they have to be "fixed" before training. And some of them are secretly doubting if they really do have what it takes to make the difference they are called to make. 

This is your opportunity to promote yourself and your work, talk about your experience with us, and to help people who are trying to figure out how to make the difference that they want to make know that helping people with the power of hypnosis is a powerful way to do it. This is your opportunity to share a client story of success, to share with the world the power of hypnosis. Coach them through your experiences!

We will be selecting a handful of hypnotists every quarter to feature, and if you're selected you'll be notified to schedule your interview. 

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