Heather Dixon Overcomes Personal Struggles to Become a Successful Hypnotist


Heather Dixon's Success with Hypnosis 

Heather Dixon, Professional Certified Hypnotist

Heather Dixon, Professional Certified Hypnotist

My name is Heather Dixon. I live in Point Roberts, WA. I graduated from Cascade Hypnosis Center in October 2017 and started my business December 1, 2017. My mission as a hypnotist is to create customized hypnosis session that are thoughtfully and carefully planned for my client's personal goals and circumstances. 

"Do not give up. There is a solution to the problem and hypnosis can help."

- Heather Dixon, CHT, Pacific Hypnosis Center

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What Was Your Goal in Training to Be a Hypnotist with Cascade Hypnosis Center?:

My goal was to help people in any way possible to overcome their personal challenges. Whether that be mental obstacles, weight, smoking, pain, and much more, I wanted to help.

I knew hypnosis was the tool for a permanent lasting solution. There are never any guarantees, and there's always work our clients must do; but if we both do our parts, hypnosis works. 

Who do you really want to help with hypnosis - who is your ideal client?

When I registered for training, I thought that addressing phobias was going to be my path, but that changed quickly into addressing pain. It's such a debilitating "thing" for the body and mind, and the drugs are not always effective or safe. Hypnosis provides a proven and safe alternative. My ideal client is someone who has tried it all and is still as bad as the first day they sought help from mainstream medicine.

What do you want to say to your ideal client listening to this video now?

Do not give up. There is a solution to the problem and hypnosis can help. 

What were your reservations about becoming a hypnotist?

I wondered if I had what it took to become good and successful. 

What has training with Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services done for your credibility and confidence?

It took my confidence through the roof because I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. I'm not an inventor. 

Cascade Hypnosis Center is a well established business in the Bellingham/Northwest area, so I personally felt that this credibility meant they were the best choice for my training. 

Tell us about the obstacles (such as personal blocks, physical obstacles, life situations) you overcame while training: 

While training my thyroid went in the toilet. 

How did we help you overcome them?: 

We took breaks enough for me to rest and get through the days. It was such fun in class that learn was easy which was fantastic as sleeping was all I did when I got home. 

What activities did you engage in to launch your hypnosis business?: 

I joined the mentorship program and that has aided me abundantly. The advice and guidance has directed me in my current success. 

How did training at Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services prepare you for seeing clients?

5-PATH is a no brainer. We build rapport with clients, get to know why they are really here to see us, and follow 5-PATH. It works, it's effective, and it's proven. 

How has training with us helped you achieve your life goals?

The training I received at Cascade Hypnosis Center has taught me how to be in the moment and be centered for the first time in my life. 

Without exaggeration, if I had graduated and decided not to pursue this career, the personal benefits gained through my own growth made the training worth every single moment and dollar.

How does it feel to be helping people in such tremendous ways?

Amazing! And there's a deep fulfillment I've never experienced before. I've been a personal trainer, and that's the closest - but it doesn't touch the rewarding feeling that comes up when your client can finally move past an event that has handcuffed them their whole lives.

Can you share an anonymous inspirational client "win" that demonstrates what you do and how you help people?

I had a client who had been the victim of sexual abuse for years, starting at a young age. He was amazing in the work he had already done before contacting us. Where he was stuck was that he was lacking initiative for his future. We broke down the final walls, he forgave himself (HUGE!), and today is making steps everyday towards his determined future. Truly amazing man! 

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