Reprogram Your Weight : Case Study #3 – An UPdate to Mary's Story 6 months later

Mary was finally able to lose weight with hypnosis - but what's so remarkable is how much it changed her life in other ways. 

This is an update to Mary's story - an email she sent me almost 6 months after we had started working together - 4 months since I had seen her in the hypnosis office : 

Hi Erika,

I hope that all is going well for you personally and with your business.

I speak highly of you to anyone who asks me how I have managed so many changes in my life this year.

I had such a profound awakening to who I really am and that it is okay to be me.

I have gotten a bit selfish in areas that affect my health and well-being which has allowed me to do what is good for me and not just what people expect of me.
You worked hard to get me to recognize when I was speaking truth and when I was just saying what others expected of me. That has been an adjustment and I love it.

As for my health, I am doing really, really well. I have lost 25 pounds at this point and have actually reduced my walking to make room for full body exercising.

So instead of walking 60 miles a week, I am now walking 35-45 miles and working out at the gym on strengthening my upper body.

With doctor approval, I discontinued my diabetes medication in June. In October my A1C came back lower than when I was on medication (currently 5.8).

The doctor is testing me again in December and I am expecting my numbers to be even better with my weight loss continuing.

The doctor doesn’t quite know what to do with me as my numbers are moving away from being diabetic and is right now considered pre-diabetic.

If that number goes down to 5.3 she will have to re-classify me as non-diabetic.

Since they don’t do this very often, I suspect that even in December she will want me to show that this is my new normal by testing me for three more months.

Test away!!!! This is all just plain amazing.
I have not had another panic attack since I started working with you on April 15, 2016. Prior to that I was having 3 or 4 attacks a day.

And what is really cool is that I have many more memories of my childhood that are just sweet memories and not some evil event designed to hurt me.

I’ve always said that I had a horrible childhood. Not anymore. Now I just had a childhood. Stuff happened and this is just part of my story. The other part is the amazing healing and forgiveness and even love.

Control has always been a big part of who I am. I understand why I felt a need to keep everything in check because of some events in my childhood.

But I am way less controlling now and people are noticing.

As a small group bible leader I no longer feel the need to keep my thumb on everything that my group is doing, learning, saying etc.

I have learned that delegation is a wonderful thing. People grow more if you give then the room.

So it is absolutely amazing what I am seeing happen in my small group bible study. People are stepping up and out of their comfort zones and really making a difference. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

So you planted a lot of seeds in my inner self that are blooming and growing.

It is very freeing to take off my mask and be real.

I said to you that if people knew who I was, they wouldn’t like me.

Now I see the ignorance of that statement. I think that I had to do some healing of some old stuff before taking my mask off.

The fact is that I didn’t like the angry me or the hurt me or the unforgiving me or the judgmental me.

So I didn’t think anyone else would like me either.

So with a bunch of that ugliness leaving and me liking myself a whole lot more, I see nothing but love and acceptance coming my way as I extend acceptance and love to others.

That old statement of, “You can’t love others until you love yourself.” , kind of makes sense to me, now.

I hope you continue to do what you do.
You clearly make a difference.

When my doctor re-classifies me as non-diabetic, I plan to get the name of a supervisor at Regence Medical and tell them why I am no longer diabetic and how that came to be.

I want the medical community to recognize the value of what you do..

Granted, I was truly ready to make changes in my life and I knew that if my subconscious could be reached, it would happen.

But when people first get diagnosed with this serious disease, that is when they need to see you.

People already know that donuts and desserts will keep that disease alive.

You always said that my body already knew what it should and shouldn’t eat.

I truly believe this disease could be eradicated if people got what you teach.

You are at the top of my list of people who have profoundly affected my life. My only regret with you is that I didn’t meet you sooner.

Feel free to use any part of this e-mail to help others.

And, thank you, my friend. Love, Mary
Erika Flint, Award-winning hypnotherapist and Best-Selling Author of Reprogram Your Weight

Erika Flint, Award-winning hypnotherapist and Best-Selling Author of Reprogram Your Weight

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