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Complete Training & Certification in WASHINGTON STATE. ACCREDITED HYPNOSIS TRAINING SCHOOL AND National Guild of HYpnotists (NGH) Approved. 

Do you want to make a difference in the world and help people get REAL RESULTS with hypnosis? Good. Keep reading. 

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I teach a powerful form of hypnosis with an important twist - it's hypnosis with heart.

This hypnosis is not for show. It is not easy - it takes heart to help people in meaningful ways day in and day out, and you don't have to have anything but desire to get started because the course teaches you how to do everything - you just have to want to show up and do the work. 

My students often share a common worry  - but I have my own stuff to figure out! I'm not ready! 

GOOD! That's the first step. We'll help you figure your own stuff out first, that makes you a true believer. 

Then you'll help hundreds of others do the same - if that's what you want.

This is not fluffy hypnosis - this is in your face, heart centered hypnosis that actually gets real results. 


Hypnosis Certification Course Graduates 

Hypnosis Certification Course Graduates 

I Need Help DOING THIS - I CAN't do it alone!

I've helped thousands of clients lead better lives with hypnosis - even when they thought nothing would ever change. Even when everything else they had tried had failed. Hypnosis still works.

When I'm not teaching hypnosis I'm seeing clients full time. 

I've built a 6 figure business doing this - but I can only help so many people by myself. 

I've trained dozens of others in this technique - and I will train hundreds more in the upcoming years. 


You don't even have to be ready -  you just have to get started

There is no 'ready' for this work. I've seen so many good meaning hypnotists and people put off helping others with 'one more thing' - I'll do it when ___________ fill in the blank - when my kid graduates from school, when I retire, when I sell the house, you name it. Stop putting off helping people - if you've got the desire, that's all it takes. 

Fill out the application below to get started - this course isn't for everyone, and we get a lot of applications, so just be authentic. Be you. We have a training course every few months, so there's always one coming up. 

Note : Real language - curse words, long stories, ramblings from the heart, etc. are all highly encouraged. 

I look forward to reading it. 

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