This is the best of the best.

"This is the best of the best: the complete coverage of hypnosis and cutting edge techniques, complete business [training] overall to grow your business, meeting students [from] around the country, interacting with them. 

Erika involves each [and] every student and brings out the best in them.  Ongoing education to move your hypnosis skills ahead and your business into the future. 

Thanks Erika and Tim.  Sincerely, Ron Nehls, Peak Hypnosis"

Ronald Nehls

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So passionate about teaching and cares about every student.

"Excellent material and presentation.  The daily structure of (2x per day) really builds confidence.  By the end of the course, I feel very confident in my skills and ready to put them to work with real clients.

Erika is amazing.  She is so passionate about teaching and cares about every student.  She is a great instructor and manages time and the flow very well to keep us on track.  The schedule is demanding but worth it."

Ron Wilder, BS, MS

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This is the class I wish I would have taken when I first got certified.

"As an experienced hypnotist seeking out the best of the best methods, I quickly noticed that the best use 5-Path.   Now I know why.  More than ever before, I have a step by step strategy for repeatable success with my clients. 

Erika is an expert in her field, and it shows in her teaching.  This is the class I wish I would have taken when I first got certified.  It’s everything I wanted, and the 7th Path Self Hypnosis training was an invaluable bonus.  I was able to release a couple of my own limiting beliefs and feel more confident about every area of my life. 

I’m so grateful for this experience and would recommend it for anyone who wants to be in the top percent of their profession."

Kacie Boyden, CHT

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Ready to see clients and get them the results they are looking for

"Erika’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and miraculously didn’t wane through the entire course.

The thing that was most striking about the course was the rate of confidence and competence of every single student using the 5-Path method.  The daily improvements were measurable, and myself and each of my classmates were more than ready to see clients and get them the results they are looking for."

Brian Lauer

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I had a GREAT amount of expectations coming into this course, and I am almost overwhelmed with how much MORE I am taking away!

"For more than half a century, I looked for my “life path.”  Because of Erika, I found it in spades!   I had a GREAT amount of expectations coming into this course, and I am almost overwhelmed with how much MORE I am taking away!

My life has been forever changed now that I have found my path and my calling.  My cup of gratitude is overflowing and I see my future now and how to get there!  Thank you Erika and Cal for showing me the way!"

Philip McAuliffe, BA, BS

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I found this class invaluable

"I found this class invaluable with lots of information, practice, books included, skill building, how to do hypnosis, teach hypnosis, how to run a business and do the spiritual energy work also.

There is a lot of business building for success.  The course included lots of practice of induction which made me proficient..."

Audra Sanderhoff, LMP

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This will enable me to have a very successful hypnosis practice

"I chose the Cascade Hypnosis Center for training because of Erika’s enthusiasm and passion for hypnosis. 

The enthusiasm Erika showed online is exactly what you get in class.  Erika is extremely knowledgeable regarding hypnosis, and she answered all questions, covered all topics, and demonstrated techniques with diligence and compassion. 

I enjoyed learning at Cascade Hypnosis with Erika, and I feel that this will enable me to have a very successful hypnosis practice."

Robbie Ward, BA

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Deep Truths About Feelings, Human Interactions & the Mysteries of How Our Brains Work

"This class has been a transformational event in my life.  Not only did I achieve my goal - to learn how to be a hypnotist - I learned deep truths about feelings, human interactions, and the mysteries of how our brains work.  

The hands-on experiences, plus great texts and teaching, have given me the confidence to go into the world to truly walk my path as someone who wants to help people heal and grow.  

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Erika for her fearless leadership and teaching, and to Cal for sharing these powerful techniques."

Lawrence Winnerman

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It Was Truly a Transformational Experience

"I attended hoping to learn how to be an excellent hypnotist, and I feel like I’m coming away with sooooo much more.  It was truly a transformational experience. Erika is incredibly passionate, compassionate, and professional instructor - a true “TEACHER.”  

I look forward to working with her over the next year in the mentorship and hopefully beyond.  She is the type of professional that I want to keep in my life."

Nancy Hafermann, BS (Industrial Design)

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Grew as a Teacher, Hypnotist & as a Human

"Erika is compassionate, bur wonderfully no nonsense.  In a class full of very different characters, she was able to present, and sometimes translate, the needed information and techniques successfully for the most part.  This is a lot of information in a two week period…I signed up for the mentoring because of this. 

Overall, [I] grew as a teacher, hypnotist, and as a human.

P.S.  Making 7th Path a part of this is genius and a saving grace.  [I] can’t wait to do and train more."

Amy “Skeeter” Welhouse

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The Last Two Weeks Have Been Life Altering

"Initially, I started looking for hypnosis classes and certifications via Google search, and Erika’s hypnosis center and classes showed up.  I was intrigued by the videos [she and Cal] did together, and so I contacted her to see if I could get more info.  What ended up happening is I decided to actually become a client first and go through the process to make sure it was the right lace for me to be.  I was blown away by the 5 Path process and the results I got. 

Fast forward one year and I signed on for the course.  I didn’t know what to expect, but the last two weeks have been life altering.  In my opinion, 5 Path is the best hypnosis program out there.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing."

Paulette Deckers

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I Will Be Able to Help People Heal, Be Their Best Selves & Live Their Best Lives

"This class has been one of the hardest things I’ve done, but also the best thing I could have done to help my soul.  The techniques I learned are invaluable. 

I know that I will be able to help people heal, be their best selves, and live their best lives.  Thank you, Erika - my gratitude for your expertise will only help me become the best healer/hypnotist I can be.  My gratitude for the kindness you showed me will always be near my heart.  Thank you."

Mary Lou Blount

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