Deep Truths About Feelings, Human Interactions & the Mysteries of How Our Brains Work

"This class has been a transformational event in my life.  Not only did I achieve my goal - to learn how to be a hypnotist - I learned deep truths about feelings, human interactions, and the mysteries of how our brains work.  

The hands-on experiences, plus great texts and teaching, have given me the confidence to go into the world to truly walk my path as someone who wants to help people heal and grow.  

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Erika for her fearless leadership and teaching, and to Cal for sharing these powerful techniques."

Lawrence Winnerman

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It Was Truly a Transformational Experience

"I attended hoping to learn how to be an excellent hypnotist, and I feel like I’m coming away with sooooo much more.  It was truly a transformational experience. Erika is incredibly passionate, compassionate, and professional instructor - a true “TEACHER.”  

I look forward to working with her over the next year in the mentorship and hopefully beyond.  She is the type of professional that I want to keep in my life."

Nancy Hafermann, BS (Industrial Design)

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Grew as a Teacher, Hypnotist & as a Human

"Erika is compassionate, bur wonderfully no nonsense.  In a class full of very different characters, she was able to present, and sometimes translate, the needed information and techniques successfully for the most part.  This is a lot of information in a two week period…I signed up for the mentoring because of this. 

Overall, [I] grew as a teacher, hypnotist, and as a human.

P.S.  Making 7th Path a part of this is genius and a saving grace.  [I] can’t wait to do and train more."

Amy “Skeeter” Welhouse

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The Last Two Weeks Have Been Life Altering

"Initially, I started looking for hypnosis classes and certifications via Google search, and Erika’s hypnosis center and classes showed up.  I was intrigued by the videos [she and Cal] did together, and so I contacted her to see if I could get more info.  What ended up happening is I decided to actually become a client first and go through the process to make sure it was the right lace for me to be.  I was blown away by the 5 Path process and the results I got. 

Fast forward one year and I signed on for the course.  I didn’t know what to expect, but the last two weeks have been life altering.  In my opinion, 5 Path is the best hypnosis program out there.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing."

Paulette Deckers

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I Will Be Able to Help People Heal, Be Their Best Selves & Live Their Best Lives

"This class has been one of the hardest things I’ve done, but also the best thing I could have done to help my soul.  The techniques I learned are invaluable. 

I know that I will be able to help people heal, be their best selves, and live their best lives.  Thank you, Erika - my gratitude for your expertise will only help me become the best healer/hypnotist I can be.  My gratitude for the kindness you showed me will always be near my heart.  Thank you."

Mary Lou Blount

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This Course is Intense & Comprehensive

"Erika is a masterful teacher. This course is intense and comprehensive. The content is excellent and it is well managed. Practice time was built in and there was ample opportunity for feedback.

I feel well prepared for my first client. The 5-PATH system is well tested and is an effective method to help people/clients achieve lasting results."

Katharine Hardy, RNBS, MS, MBA

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This is the Most Intensive, Emotional and Yet Fruitful Training that I’ve Ever Taken

This is the most intensive, emotional and yet fruitful training that I’ve ever taken. We went through lots of techniques, tips, and practice, not only at the world-class level, but also we experienced significant personal self-transformation by reflecting on ourselves and observing others’ changes. This course provides all the necessary information and resources to be a 5-PATH hypnotist, and in addition to that, deepens our own level of understanding, gratitude, love, and compassion. A life-time lesson for all.

Yung-Ho Ophelia Wang, PhD

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AccreditedErika Flint2018-1
Provided Me with a Wealth of Knowledge & Self-Transformation

Erika’s course provided me with a wealth of knowledge & self-transformation. It is more than a course, it is journey of self-exploration, one that Erika provides safe and secure space to facilitate change, growth and transformation upon graduation. I feel confident in my abilities and the techniques to begin seeing clients immediately. I’ve changed because now I know and feel I will be an amazing hypnotherapist. So now I can guide people out of their darkness and back into their light.

Nicole Anthony, BA

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From Day 1 I knew I made the right choice to take this course

From Day 1 I knew I made the right choice to take this course and I am glad that Erika is the instructor. She is an amazing teacher and I learned a lot from her. This course was very organized and I really appreciate every day...Perfect amount of homework and study each day... Looking forward to coming in the class every day. Erika showed me what "Boundary" is and true meaning of "compassionate" and "be professional". I've changed from this course, now I know that I have confidence to help people, and that make I feel powerful. So now I can chase my dreams. Thank you!!! - Rena Barker, New Leaf Hypnosis

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Incredible and enjoyable throughout

Erika's style of teaching makes learning fun and exciting. I have not been in a classroom setting for almost 30 years and was truly unsure of how my brain would receive and hold onto so much information. She has made it incredible and enjoyable throughout. This is the only hypnosis training I will refer people to, and always Erika as a local teacher. - Heather Dixon, Pacific Hypnosis Center

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Erika Flint has inspired me to "Pay it Forward"

I am a 63 year old retired college coach/professor (retired in Dec 2015) Erika Flint has inspired me to "Pay it Forward". Retirement is boring! In 2 years, I have "lost my voice/confidence, broken my wings, and given up on myself :-( 

Erika's knowledge, vision, and passion have made me COME ALIVE! She has given me the tools to NEVER let HOPE elude me again. I am now excited to pursue the next chapter in my life

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