Life Changing For Me!

Cascade Hypnosis Training - Erika Flint

Working with Erika as a client has been life changing for me, so having the opportunity to train with her to become a therapist is a huge gift because I am a personal testimony of her skills, knowledge and expertise, the class is organized and professional and not only educates the participant in the art and science of hypnosis, but spells out all of the requirement and tools necessary to begin practicing right away. Erika is amazingly generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge and advice. She truly shares her passion about hypnosis and working with client while supporting her students and making them fell comfortable and accomplished each step of the way. Training with her has been a pleasure and a gift. I highly recommend her class to anyone who has a heart and desire to work with clients where ever they are on their life’s path.

-Kristina Engen