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Brilliant, kind, compassionate, and a gifted teacher

"Hard to put into words what a transformational, life-changing class this was. 

Erika Flint is brilliant, kind, compassionate, and a gifted teacher.  Her staff are great facilitators and made everything flow smoothly everyday. 

This was my second certification class for hypnosis - first was RTT.  5-PATH made me feel like I really get it now and can move my clients through the whole process without fear of leaving things hanging.”

Susann Martin, MA

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I’m completely satisfied, excited, and motivated. 

“This course exceeded my expectations.  Erika and support staff were super professional and the material was very comprehensive and easy to understand. 

Erika answered all our questions and she is very wise.  I’m completely satisfied, excited, and motivated.  Erika was always making sure we understood everything and kept our energy up, motivating us.  The ambience is very pleasurable.”

Melina Costa de Souza

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This class was outstanding.

"This class was outstanding.  Erika insightful, informative, and gives direct suggestions throughout the class.  I was specifically drawn to Erika because of her obvious business savvy.  I loved that the patter was given.  As a veterinarian, it is clear that we come into our own as professionals with great patter. 

Erika is a gem!  Her staff members were amazing assets, facilitating and guiding us as well.

Erika’s loving energy exemplifies the qualities of a caring hypnotist and shows us the way with positive supportive suggestions.

Thank you Cal - you are clearly a genius!”

Michelle Zachry, DVM

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Feeling confident in my new hypnosis skills for my future business.

"Erika was an amazing teacher.  The class was highly professional.  The content of the class was very detailed.  The staff was organized, and everything went smoothly. 

Erika answered everyone’s questions and demo’ed the techniques very well. 

I finished the class feeling confident in my new hypnosis skills for my future business.

From Blooming Lotus Hypnosis, thank you.”

Judge Williams

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Erika is a pleasure to learn from

"Erika and her staff created a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for learning.  The class was fun and each topic was covered thoroughly, leaning room for any and all questions to be answered.  The schedule was consistent and easy to follow. 

All of our needs were met for the long days attending class.  The assistants, Annie and Shannon, helped with their tips, ensuring we were getting the mechanics and techniques correct with Erika’s supervision. 

Erika is a pleasure to learn from and I enjoyed the class very much.”

Nancy Shelton

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Changed me forever and helped me to be compassionate

“I came into this class afraid and full of misconceptions about hypnosis.  Erika graciously included me on her email for the new book, Can You Be a Hypnotist?  My misconceptions faded away but my fear still remained.  This fear reared up the first few days in class when I sat in the “big chair” for the first time. 

Erika’s professionalism and compassion gave me the belief that I could be hypnotized and be safe.  That moment changed me forever and helped me to be compassionate towards others who may also have fear with hypnosis.

Thank you Erika!”

Jacqueline “Jax” Mantikoski

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Powerful learning experience, full of insight

“This course has been a powerful learning experience, full of insight and material that will benefit my practice and my life. 

Erika has been such an amazing and wise instructor who has taught me so much in such a remarkably short amount of time.  Everyone in my class is helpful, open, and has been a vital part of this learning experience. 

The power of hypnosis has many uses that can benefit anyone, which is precisely what I am prepared to share with the world!”

Cory Hill

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I can’t wait to start my career as a hypnotist.

“I was really nervous on the first day and was not sure if I could make it to the last day.  As the days go by, thanks to 7th Path Self Hypnosis, I was getting more confidence for myself, and got lots of insights and perceptions that I never had before. 

It was surely a life-changing, intensive hypnosis training course for me.  Thank you so much for such a fantastic course, Erika!!  I can’t wait to start my career as a hypnotist.”

Satoko Erling

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