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Welcome to Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, the Pacific Northwest’s premiere Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Education and Training authority. We are conveniently located in downtown Bellingham, Washington. We offer elite hypnosis and accredited hypnotherapy training and education, hypnosis certification courses, private hypnotherapy sessions, and provide community education programs on hypnosis and related subjects.

What Students are Saying : Student Testimonials

Hypnosis Training Testimonial : Definitely one of the best choices I’ve ever made
Hypnosis Training Testimonial : Definitely one of the best choices I’ve ever made- Clinton Jor-El McIntosh
This class has been most informative and exciting with a fun and professional environment. I feel that I have gained exceptional training and skills, and have what I need to start practicing right away. My teacher, Erika has been amazing and helpful in building confidence..Read more
Erika is a superb instructor
Erika is a superb instructor- Shannon Wallace
Erika is a superb instructor. Organized, on time, on point, humorous & knows the material well. I highly recommend Erika’s classes. The course is thorough and I feel well prepared.
Well Equipped to Begin My Hypnotherapy Practice
Well Equipped to Begin My Hypnotherapy Practice- Adrienne Booth
Erika was professional and thorough. Course material was engaging and educational. I feel well equipped to begin my hypnotherapy practice. The class is very interactive, and Erika made it fun too!
It was an Awesome “cutting edge course”
It was an Awesome “cutting edge course”- Gary A Mitchell
Short and Sweet it was an awesome course. The instructor was able to creatively blend real world experience with classroom material… I feel honored to have been a part of what I perceive to be a very cutting edge course.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.- Louette Senghore, LPN
This courses is so powerful, so insightful. I am truly grateful to have been taught by Erika Flint. Maybe the timing was perfect for me to have been in this class. To learn the insights of feelings of people and the wonderful tools to help my fellow humans. Life is hard but now we are taught hope. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Training Exceeds Expectations
Training Exceeds Expectations- Brenda, B.S
Erika exceeds expectations in both course presentation and content. She is a master teacher who conveys her passion and dedication to this work in every aspect of this course. I would highly recommend certification training at Cascade Hypnosis Center with Erika for anyone interested in receiving the BEST hypnosis training in northwest Washington.
Thank you Erika! You are Awesome!
Thank you Erika! You are Awesome! - Joe DeLuna
At long last I now gave profession where I can contribute to humanity in a meaningful and profound way, and simultaneously earn a living wage! This class provided me with knowledge ability and confidence! I now have to do a very powerful system of hypnotic techniques to help..Read more
A Wonderful Experience
A Wonderful Experience- Daniele Favaro
I really enjoyed learning 5-PATH hypnosis with Erika in this class. I had meaningful realizations beyond the training about my own life, my goals, and how to achieve them. Erika is a great teacher and thanks to hear and the value of 5-PATH this has been a wonderful experience!
Life Changing For me!
Life Changing For me!- Kristina Engen
Working with Erika as a client has been life changing for me, so having the opportunity to train with her to become a therapist is a huge gift because I am a personal testimony of her skills, knowledge and expertise, the class is organized and professional and not only..Read more

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