What Our Recent Grads Are Saying About The Professional Accredited Hypnosis Certification Training July 2018 At Cascade Hypnosis Training

"As an experienced hypnotist seeking out the best of the best methods, I quickly noticed that the best use 5-Path.   Now I know why.  More than ever before, I have a step by step strategy for repeatable success with my clients. 

Erika is an expert in her field, and it shows in her teaching.  This is the class I wish I would have taken when I first got certified.  It’s everything I wanted, and the 7th Path Self Hypnosis training was an invaluable bonus.  I was able to release a couple of my own limiting beliefs and feel more confident about every area of my life. 

I’m so grateful for this experience and would recommend it for anyone who wants to be in the top percent of their profession."

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How to Become a Successful Professional Hypnotist: Erika Flint Interviews Anthony Gitch

Award-winning and board certified hypnotist Erika Flint of Cascade Hypnosis Training interviews successful hypnotherapy graduate Anthony Gitch. Learn how Anthony went from "Classroom to Client" and created a full-time hypnosis practice helping clients eliminate anger, fear, and more including the courses he teaches to continue to grow his practice.

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What Our Grads Are Saying About The Professional Accredited Hypnosis Certification Training May 2018 At Cascade Hypnosis Training

"This class has been a transformational event in my life. Not only did I achieve my goal - to learn how to be a hypnotist - I learned deep truths about feelings, human interactions, and the mysteries of how our brains work.

The hands-on experiences, plus great texts and teaching, have given me the confidence to go into the world to truly walk my path as someone who wants to help people heal and grow.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Erika for her fearless leadership and teaching, and to Cal for sharing these powerful techniques."

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