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Are you tired of trying to lose weight and always having to fight cravings and emotional eating?

Experience lasting weight-loss success with the power of hypnosis

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Download your digital copy of the best-selling book Reprogram Your Weight.

Reprogram Your Weight Book Erika Flint

It's time to try a new approach with Reprogram Your Weight

Get the lasting relief of hypnosis by addressing both the underlying problem and the habitual components that prevent you from losing the weight.

You'll be able to eliminate emotional eating by knowing when you're actually hungry and resetting your appetite - without deprivation or thinking about food all the time.


Our clients have results right away, and they last.


Hypnosis works, even when everything else has failed.


Developed by board certified hypnotist Erika Flint, the Reprogram Your Weight system gives you a revolutionary way to change the way you think about food and reprogram your relationship with food so you can lose weight and keep it off.

By tapping into the power of hypnosis and the subconscious mind, you can break free from old patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back.

Three Ways we can help you lose weight with the power of hypnosis...

  1. Reprogram Your Weight - Monthly
  2. Reprogram Your Weight - Group
  3. Reprogram Your Weight - The Full Program
Find out which option is best for you below!

Three ways we can help you Reprogram Your Weight :

Get started on your own.
1. Reprogram Your Weight - Micro Bundle

Reprogram Your Weight Book Erika Flint

Reprogram Your Weight  Micro-Bundle

Get started on your own and stay focused.

This Micro Course includes the basics of Reprogram Your Weight in electronic and audio format, plus a hypnosis recording to get you started practicing hypnosis. 

The course includes:

  • Read the book: Reprogram Your Weight e-book pdf.
  • Listen to the book: Reprogram Your Weight Audio course (audio version of the book).
  • Start practicing hypnosis: Your Weight is Melting Away hypnosis recording.

Want More Support?
2. Reprogram Your Weight - Monthly

Reprogram Your Weight - Monthly

Get started on your own and stay focused.

Learn the basics of applying Reprogram Your Weight to your life with a 3 month membership in Reprogram Your Weight - Monthly. 

3 Month Membership at $100/month 

Reprogram Your Weight - Monthly includes: 

  • All Reprogram Your Weight LIVE Video Training videos (8 Videos).
  • Fresh inspiration each week with New Weekly Hypnosis Recordings
  • Live Monthly Group Meeting to help you stay focused and inspired.
  • Reprogram Your Weight book by Erika Flint (presented in digital print as well as audiobook formats)
  • Additional Hypnosis Recordings

* Our programs never auto-renew, but you will be invited to continue at the end of the 3 month membership.

Get Better Results for Your Clients with Hypnosis (7)

Go even Deeper...
3. Reprogram Your Weight - 6 Month Program with Erika Flint


Reprogram Your Weight - 6 Month Program with Erika Flint

If you've been struggling for too long and want the full support of working 1:1 with Erika, this program is for you!

Choose to work privately with Erika if...

  • you're ready to invest in yourself to get even faster results,
  • if have suffered past trauma,
  • or if you know now is the time to get your life back and live the life you truly want.

Erika has helped hundreds lose the weight and keep it off without the struggle - and gain a new way of living with a new relationship with food.

This is a 6 month program to fully support you.

6 Month Program for $3500.

  • 4  Private Hypnosis Sessions with Erika (60 minutes each) over 6 months.  Reprogram Your Relationship with food - SLOWLY, and SEAMLESSLY. 
  • Weekly check-in and accountability.
  • Plus the Reprogram Your Weight - Monthly program for ongoing, fresh videos and content to keep you inspired.
  • All Reprogram Your Weight LIVE Video Training videos (8 Videos) kick off your weight loss and get you started. 
  • Reprogram Your Weight book by Erika Flint (presented in digital print as well as audiobook formats)
  • Additional Hypnosis Recordings.

Start by scheduling a Hypnosis Consultation with Erika below!   $500 deposit gets you started. The deposit is applied towards the $3500 6-month fee when you join.

Inside "Reprogram Your Weight," you'll discover:

  • The truth about diets and why they don't work long-term
  • The power of hypnosis and how it can help you reprogram your mind for success
  • Simple techniques for dealing with cravings and emotional eating
  • Step-by-step guidance for creating a personalized weight loss plan that works for you
  • And much more!

12 videos and step-by-step instruction

Day 1: Overview and Client Success

  • Overview of the Reprogram Your Weight System
  • The Reprogram Your Weight Framework
  • Initial Consultation & How to Sell RYW - objections, ideal clients, and approach
  • Setting clients up for success : external data, homework, pre-work, and other session related details
  • Neuroscience for Weight loss clients
  • Mindset of the RYW Hypnotist

Hypnosis Business

All Hypnosis Recordings and Scripts Included

Day 2: Details of Tools, Techniques, and modifications to 5-PATH processes

  • Maximizing the Pre-hypnosis interview for client success
  • The Reprogram Your Weight Details : incremental success, default response, negativity bias, limiting beliefs, end-state
  • Advanced Hypnosis for RYW clients : direct suggestion, modifications to 5-PATH phases, and techniques
  • Addressing the big three : Sleep, Stress, Sugar
  • Nutrition and Activity Modifications
  • Common client pitfalls and resolutions
  • Back-end and ongoing support for clients

Erika Flint Teaching Hypnosis (2)

Start learning with 12 self-paced lessons

Immersive Hypnosis Course

Course Content

Upon purchase of this introductory course, you'll gain access to 2 Courses, 3 modules and 20 videos.


Course #1: Reprogram Your Weight Master Training for Hypnotists

Course #2: Reprogram Your Weight for Clients

Reprogram Your Weight for Clients

Including the RYW Training for clients:

      • Reprogram Your Weight book (pdf)
      • Lighter book (pdf)
      • Weight Loss Scripts & Recordings:
        •  Your Weight is Melting Away
        • Your Appetite is Suppressed
        • Your Metabolism is Increasing
        • Eating Mindfully
        • Learning to Relax
        • Learning to Relax and Fall Asleep
        • Empowering Morning Hypnosis
        • Increased Inner Power and Self Confidence
        • Motivated to Be Active
        • Just Say Yes with Hypnosis
        • Just Say Yes
      • RYW Playbook for your clients with the option to customize with your practice details. 
      • Immediate access to the online Reprogram Your Weight LIVE client pre-work video training course.

Erika Flint’s Reprogram Your Weight system is brilliant! Clients walk out with something concrete to do the minute they sign up, and by the time they come to their first hypnosis session pretty much all of them have already started to lose weight! Erika’s system is simple and effective. Helping clients with weight loss can feel like a long drawn out slog. The RYW system gives you a solid framework and solid tools. I love the expressions when I first tell my clients “Eat when you’re hungry!” No weighing, journaling, calorie or point counting. No deprivation. You eat when you’re hungry. And my clients say they really like Erika’s books, Reprogram Your Weight and Lighter. 


Kathie Hardy, RN MS MBA CH Certified Hypnotist at Salish Sea Hypnosis

About Hypnotist Erika Flint

Reprogram Your Weight was developed by Erika Flint, BA, BCH, MCPHI, OB, author of Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, and Can You Be a Hypnotist?, and The Academy of Eternity.