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CYBAH Ep 4: Guided Hypnosis Session 

Today, we're going to take you on an extraordinary journey, one that will not only introduce you to hypnosis but will allow you to engage with it in a deeply personal way. This session is designed for both curious beginners and those with prior experience. 

Remember, this is more than just a video; it's an interactive experience. So find a comfortable space, ensure you won't be disturbed, and open your mind to the fascinating world of hypnosis. 

I’m Erika Flint. a board certified hypnotist, accredited master hypnotherapy instructor, and author of 4 best-selling books on hypnosis. I’ve helped hundreds to lose weight, stop smoking, and change their lives.

Whether you aspire to become a professional hypnotist or simply want to understand yourself better, this is a path that promises endless possibilities.

Let’s do some hypnosis now, and experience the power you have within. 

Find a comfortable spot where you can be undisturbed for about 15 minutes.

Listening with headphones is ideal because it shuts out external sounds, and allows you to be fully present, however headphones are not required.

We want you to be comfortable, so there isn’t anything physically impeding your ability to relax.

Now, hypnosis is NOT relaxation - we’ll learn more about that soon.

However we USE RELAXATION as a model for the mind.

So please give yourself permission to relax, uncross your arms, and legs, and ideally you have a straight spine, which allows you to drop into the deepest levels of relaxation,

allowing your mind to reach the deepest - slowest brainwaves…


take off any glasses you may be wearing…

if you’re sensitive to light, you may want to dim the lights, draw the shades…

grab a blanket - your body temperature will drop in hypnosis just like when we sleep to conserve energy.


Now, one final thing. I’ll be using the word imagine. Also note that when I use the word imagine, I really mean imagine - pretend. 

Pretend is a magic word to the mind. It allows us to temporarily postpone “reality” - the rational part of the mind. So we’ll use the word, “pretend” to give the conscious mind permission to ignore anything that isn’t logical. 

So if I ask you right now to close your eyes, and pretend you were in your bedroom, you may have an idea of how to do that. 

And pretend being there and describe where everything is to me. 

And it’s the same thing here - you may see something in your mind during hypnosis, or perhaps not.

Not everyone sees things in their mind. Aphantasia is a condition where people don’t see any pictures in their mind at all - yet they still know things. 

So, if you do see images when pretending to be in your room, then you likely will with hypnosis too. 

If you sense, or know what it’s like to be in your room and can pretend being there without seeing it - then you may not “see” anything in hypnosis either - but in the same way you know, or sense your room without seeing it - hypnosis information will be revealed in the same way.

This work is like peeling an onion - the information to free ourselves is there inside, and we use hypnosis to shift the layers of perception and become aware of it and transform.

Now, open your eyes if they’re not already.

Now, without moving your neck or head, imagine looking up through the top of your head,

take in a nice deep breath

as you exhale soften your gaze…


You may notice the corners of the room…

Now another nice and deep breath in….

And this time as you exhale, close your eyes. 

allowing yourself to go deeper relaxed…

bringing your attention to your physical body,

and noticing right now, is there any part of you,

that would like to relax more that you are already relaxed, right now…

and you invite that part of you to relax further…

This is a call out to even the most tired and exhausted parts of you..

to release all burdens or concerns…good

now drop your shoulders and relax your jaw,

and as you do your jaw opens, slightly- which is entirely natural.

this sends a message to your entire body, every muscle, every nerve, every aspect of you - that now is the time to relax

Now gradually, slow down your breathing.

get into that comfortable, slow rhythm of breathing, with a long exhalation.

This invites your body, to relax - even further.

Which then allows your mind to drift, peacefully.

Now relax the back of your tongue

See how relaxed you can get that part of your body to become

and as you do that, your mind is free

free to have new thoughts

new ideas

new creations

or perhaps nothing, no thoughts at all,

peace, serenity, silence and tranquility.

Taking in another nice and deep breath now,

And exhaling easily,


one more time,

really deep breath, really slow exhalation, good

allowing all remaining tension to melt away,

Imagine it is some point in the near future. 

You are with a client,  a middle-aged woman who originally came to see you because she couldn’t sleep. Her restless nights were causing multiple issues in her life, including low motivation, falling asleep at work, and over- eating.

You noticed today that she looked visibly different – younger in fact. With a smile on her face, she tells you she’s been sleeping again, and she’s had the most peaceful and happy week of her life.

She looks directly at you, and pauses for effect then states, “Thank you; you changed my life.”

You feel at peace. Fulfilled. You know the work you did with her was meaningful. It positively impacted her life. A deep sense of gratitude and happiness washes over you.

You look back at your client and in all earnest - reply - “You did that - and it was my honor to assist.” 

Your client is at peace, for the first time in decades. 

You feel content and excited for your client and for your work. 

In a moment of reflection between clients, you think, “This is so much better than I ever thought.”

The journey that brought you here over the past year has been rewarding and uplifting. You’ve learned so much about yourself and helping others. Looking back, you wouldn’t change a thing – except maybe starting earlier. But even that doesn’t make sense - because you know now that all your life experience is what helps make you an excellent hypnotist. 

You are a professional hypnotist. You help clients -including yourself, with a variety of issues: everyday issues and complex issue, issues they can’t seem to resolve themselves using their best tools. 

Things like losing weight, stopping smoking, working with kids and teens, and alongside the medical community. 

You have grown professionally and personally as well – you’re able to do things in your life you once weren’t able to. 

Your relationships have improved; it’s easier for you to focus and get work accomplished, and you’re healthier because you’re using your own tools as a hypnotist to improve your own life.

That incredible journey you just embarked on is only a glimpse of the profound power of hypnosis, and it's something you can learn to wield to assist others and  yourself. If what you've experienced today resonates with you, if you feel a calling to delve deeper into the art of hypnosis, then I urge you to continue along this path.

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Don't let this opportunity slip away. The world needs more compassionate and skilled hypnotists, and you could be one of them. Start your journey today. Thank you for watching, and until next time, keep exploring, growing, and believing in the power within you.

In Episode 4 of "Can You Be a Hypnotist?" Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI, OB, guides you through a hypnosis session so you can experience the profound power of hypnosis. 

Welcome to Can You Be a Hypnotist? – a groundbreaking series that will explore the fascinating world of hypnosis.

I'm Erika Flint, your personal guide through this incredible journey. 

Ten years ago I used hypnosis to stop drinking and it saved my life.

Since then, I left my career as a software engineer and fell in love with the human mind—the most powerful computing device available. 

Since then, I’ve become a board-certified hypnotist, and accredited master hypnotherapy instructor, have written 4 best-selling books on hypnosis, and helped hundreds to lose weight, stop smoking, and change their lives. 

The truth is hypnosis is all around us. 

When we’re captivated by movies or music, we are hypnotized, focusing only on certain perceptions and filtering out all others.

When we lose track of time while doing something we love, we are hypnotized, absorbed completely in the present moment.

When we’re “in the zone,” we are hypnotized, performing at our peak without allowing anxiety or fear to dampen our performance.

You’ve already been in hypnosis thousands of times in your life. It’s a normal, and natural state of mind. 

But why does any of that matter?

Because hypnosis does something VERY important that nothing else - as of now - does!

And that is it gives us access to the deeper parts of the mind - the parts that are “below” the thinking mind. Interacting with that part of the mind is where big changes can happen.

The definition of hypnosis, according to Wikipedia, is “a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

The term may also refer to an art, skill, or act of inducing hypnosis.”

Here’s my definition of hypnosis: Hypnosis is a state of mind where you are highly focused and receptive to positive suggestion.

In this state of mind, you become aware of things you weren’t aware of before, leading to important insights and mental clarity that help align what you want with how you feel - so you can more easily set and follow through on goals you have for your life. 

The insights and clarity help you feel more secure and confident in everything you do.

Ultimately, hypnosis is about EMPOWERMENT, and understanding yourself - at the deepest level. 

So who is this series for? You don’t need to know a THING about hypnosis or how it works to begin studying the techniques and getting results.

Everyone can benefit from the skills to fall asleep easier, learn more quickly, improve your memory, and to better understand how to meet the needs of your body and lose weight. 

Some of you might want to go deeper and are considering being a professional hypnotist. You’ll find lots of great tips in this content for you too. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any advanced training in psychotherapy, counseling, or neuroscience. These skills will assist you, yes, however, they are not required.

What you’ll learn is your experiences living as a human will serve you!  You have a brain - a heart, feelings, and experiences, and all of that makes you qualified to learn hypnosis. 

My purpose is to help you learn the skills of a professional hypnotist so you can live more freely, more happily, and more contently.

So you can support your loved ones, and your community. 

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