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CYBAH Ep 8: What Happens in a Hypnosis Session?

Today, we're going to start diving into what a typical hypnosis session looks like and how to use a systematic approach in your sessions. Using a systematic approach to hypnosis works because it allows you to be fully present with your client. This is so important. You won't be worrying about what script to use, shuffling paperwork, or scrambling for a technique. Instead, you will be connecting with your client, fully engaged in solving their issue with great hypnosis work.

We’ll cover the new, modern style of hypnosis in later videos, but today I want to give you an overview—a foundation for what a typical session looks like. I’m just going to present a broad-stroke outline here. For more details on each of these elements, get your free copy of Can You Be a Hypnotist? on our website that goes more in depth on each stage. 

A typical hypnosis session works through the following elements: 

First is the setup and PRIMING - you will begin the hypnosis session by priming your client for success. By using transformational language, and suggest the role of a paradigm shift in the lives of our clients.  One way to think about priming is to consider that at any point in time you are ALWAYS addressing the version of your client that already has the solution. You are always and only talking to the eternal part of your client.

 When we prime our clients for success in this way - and only focus on what is working, our client LIVES into their solution. 

Next, Inducing Hypnosis - you help your client enter into a state of hypnosis through a hypnotic induction, and use a hypnotic deepener to deepen their state of hypnosis.. 

After entering into a state of hypnosis, our clients are now invited to a deeper understanding using Insight-based techniques,  like age regression, chair therapy, parts, and embodied hypnosis. 

We assume the self has all the answers, and thus far it always has! 

This is why we as hypnotists don’t have to go to years of schooling. We are not diagnosing, treating or curing ANYTHING. 

We are creating an environment for our client to feel safe enough for the truth to be revealed within them.

Next, we continue to remind our clients of their inner wisdom and brilliance, and help clients work THROUGH any perceived issues. 

The work being done is transformative - fear transforms into anger. We don’t get RID of emotions, we transform them into new ones. Better understood ones. 

We continue addressing our clients' deepest needs, until the self is satisfied with the harmony. 

Then,  you’ll take your client into the FUTURE to have them experience the changes, and deliver hypnotic SUGGESTIONS that articulate and align with what the client actually WANTS. 

With a systematic approach using these methods, you will know what you’re working on with your client and what the results look like. This is a big part of the issue right there. 

Part of the work involved here is helping our clients notice what they actually WANT, and what RESULTS Look like. 

So many clients are disconnected from the solution because they’ve been treading water in survival mode for so long. 

At the root of their inability to do what they want is almost always some level of fear. 

Fear that they’re not good enough, fear  that they don’t belong, and that fear keeps them from living a happy, fulfilling life. 

Fear is what we help our clients get rid of - and to do that we’re going to help them feel safe, and empowered. 

That THEY can do it, from within. 

In our next video we’re going to dive into the SETUP. How to setup your client for success! 

In Episode 8 of "Can You Be a Hypnotist?" Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI, OB, Erika Flint walks you through what happens in a hypnosis session from the perspective of the hypnotist.

Welcome to Can You Be a Hypnotist? – a groundbreaking series that will explore the fascinating world of hypnosis.

I'm Erika Flint, your personal guide through this incredible journey. 

Ten years ago I used hypnosis to stop drinking and it saved my life.

Since then, I left my career as a software engineer and fell in love with the human mind—the most powerful computing device available. 

Since then, I’ve become a board-certified hypnotist, and accredited master hypnotherapy instructor, have written 4 best-selling books on hypnosis, and helped hundreds to lose weight, stop smoking, and change their lives. 

The truth is hypnosis is all around us. 

When we’re captivated by movies or music, we are hypnotized, focusing only on certain perceptions and filtering out all others.

When we lose track of time while doing something we love, we are hypnotized, absorbed completely in the present moment.

When we’re “in the zone,” we are hypnotized, performing at our peak without allowing anxiety or fear to dampen our performance.

You’ve already been in hypnosis thousands of times in your life. It’s a normal, and natural state of mind. 

But why does any of that matter?

Because hypnosis does something VERY important that nothing else - as of now - does!

And that is it gives us access to the deeper parts of the mind - the parts that are “below” the thinking mind. Interacting with that part of the mind is where big changes can happen.

The definition of hypnosis, according to Wikipedia, is “a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

The term may also refer to an art, skill, or act of inducing hypnosis.”

Here’s my definition of hypnosis: Hypnosis is a state of mind where you are highly focused and receptive to positive suggestion.

In this state of mind, you become aware of things you weren’t aware of before, leading to important insights and mental clarity that help align what you want with how you feel - so you can more easily set and follow through on goals you have for your life. 

The insights and clarity help you feel more secure and confident in everything you do.

Ultimately, hypnosis is about EMPOWERMENT, and understanding yourself - at the deepest level. 

So who is this series for? You don’t need to know a THING about hypnosis or how it works to begin studying the techniques and getting results.

Everyone can benefit from the skills to fall asleep easier, learn more quickly, improve your memory, and to better understand how to meet the needs of your body and lose weight. 

Some of you might want to go deeper and are considering being a professional hypnotist. You’ll find lots of great tips in this content for you too. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any advanced training in psychotherapy, counseling, or neuroscience. These skills will assist you, yes, however, they are not required.

What you’ll learn is your experiences living as a human will serve you!  You have a brain - a heart, feelings, and experiences, and all of that makes you qualified to learn hypnosis. 

My purpose is to help you learn the skills of a professional hypnotist so you can live more freely, more happily, and more contently.

So you can support your loved ones, and your community. 

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