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Can You Be a Hypnotist?

Welcome to Can You Be a Hypnotist? – a groundbreaking series that will explore the fascinating world of hypnosis and how to pursue a career in hypnotherapy. 

Can You Be a Hypnotist Episode 1
Episode 1
What is Hypnosis? How Does it Work?

Erika Flint shares her journey from using hypnosis to stop drinking, transitioning from a career in...

10-Video Hypnosis Training Series
Can You Be a Hypnotist Episode 2
Episode 2
My Journey With Hypnosis

In this personal and inspiring video, Erika shares her journey from a point of despair to finding...

Ep 3
Episode 3
Can Anyone Become a Hypnotist?

Learn the three key qualities for becoming a successful hypnotist.

Ep 4
Episode 4
Guided Hypnosis Session

Experience the profound power of hypnosis during this 15-minute hypnosis session.

Ep 5
Episode 5
Myths About Hypnosis

Let's debunk some common myths about hypnosis. 

Ep 6-1
Episode 6
Negativity Bias and How to Overcome It

Learn what negativity bias is and how to overcome it. 

Ep 7-1
Episode 7
How Does Hypnosis Work?

Learn how hypnosis works to filter out distractions to reveal underlying issues,

Ep 8
Episode 8
What Happens in a Hypnosis Session?

Learn what happens in a hypnosis session from the perspective of the hypnotist. 

Ep 9-1
Episode 9
The Most Important Hypnosis Technique

Learn the most important hypnosis technique for hypnotists - the setup phase.

Ep 10
Episode 10
Rapid Hypnotic Induction Techniques

The four hypnotic inductions every hypnotist should be familiar with include instant induction,...

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