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Erika Flint Awarded The 2016 Top One Percent Award

It was such an honor to be awarded the 1% award last night - "Top One Percent Award"

Here I am with Cal Banyan - hypnosis authority and creator of 5-PATH who is presenting the award. It was Cal's 20th year celebration in the profession - so doubly fun to be awarded this on such a special night.

Here's what it says on the award :

"For rising to the top of the profession, excellence in using hypnosis to serve the public, and selfless dedication to helping others in the profession.

This Hypno-1%er is held in the highest esteem and is a role model for other hypnosis professionals to emulate."

So happy and grateful ;-) What a beautiful thing to say.

Thank you Cal and Maureen for everything you do for hypnosis and 5-PATHers around the world.

Erika Flint Cal Banyan Award Top 1 Percent