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Meet Program Graduate

Ophelia Wang

When I compared this training with many other programs, I realized how solid, comprehensive and complete this system at Cascade Hypnosis Training is and how well-recognized its credibility is. Knowing that this training contained much more depth, details and structure gave me great confidence to start practicing on clients right away.

Ophelia Wang Program Graduate

I’m Ophelia Wang.

For a long time I dedicated myself in biodiversity and conservation as a scholar and professional consultant to heal the natural environment, then I grew strong interest in what caused the problems; human beings and how the mind interacts with behaviors.

This path originated when I began dealing with a lot of physical and emotional pain, but could not drill down to long-lasting solutions and continuous improvement.

I am now dedicated to healing the human environment because what I went through have grown the compassion and ability to empathize, sympathize and support others to overcome their issues and transform in life.

My online and in-person hypnotherapy sessions integrate techniques of hypnosis, therapy and healing to address issues like weight loss, too-much behaviors, abuse, sadness, anxiety, stress, fear, sleep, anger, performance, concentration, focus, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, self-love, and other unresolved emotional situations.

My mission is to transform the mind and body by bringing a much better quality of life physically, mentally and emotionally and to support reaching optimal wellness and well-being.

What Was Your Goal in Training to Be a Hypnotist with Cascade Hypnosis Center?

I sensed an internal calling to take that the first step to learning the fundamental work of becoming a hypnotist. To me, it was more than just the learning, but also responding to a "now or never" decision and an intuitive "this is the one" idea inside. A friend who received similar training gave me an introduction to hypnosis and a demo session, which inspired me to want to learn at least how to use those techniques properly to myself and others.

Who do you really want to help with hypnosis - Who is your ideal client? 

People who do not feel content enough with their life because of a painful past, harmful habits or unresolved issues. Especially those who have tried a number of other solutions but still struggle with their problems.

What do you want to say to your ideal client reading your words now?

"How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up on being a caterpillar." -Trina Paulus. Changes happen with preparedness. With commitment, consistency, readiness, and perseverance, you are 100% in charge, in control and accountable. You are not represented by your issues. Every day you resist transformation is a day you are not the 'best you'. It is time to remind yourself, revision your life, and react for the best version of yourself.

What were your reservations about becoming a hypnotist?

Interestingly I did not have any. It did not even occur to my mind about the common misconceptions about hypnosis. Perhaps because my own first experience was a great past life regression, so I already knew how much hypnosis can benefit a person's self-understanding and self-learning.

What has training with Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services done for your credibility and confidence?

When I compared this training with many other online/in-person programs, I realized how solid, comprehensive and complete this system is and how well-recognized its credibility is. Knowing that this training contained much more depth, details and structure gave me great confidence to start practicing on clients right away. The during- and post-training resources are very valuable, boosting my confidence knowing a support system is available for me.

Tell us about the obstacles (such as personal blocks, physical obstacles, life situations) you overcame while training.

I had a number of personal blocks on the emotional side which I discovered during the training, such as insecurity, fear, overly-sensitive, lack of confidence, unreleased emotions, etc. They were all somehow related, but it was not until the training had I realized that a lot of what slowed down my personal development still needed more inner work to address.

How did we help you overcome them?

The training was like an emotional awakening experience to show me the way to dig into my personal blocks, layer by layer as we say "peeling the onion". I learned how to invite and implement positive insights to dissolve the blocks, how to form a cord-cutting closure from the negative past, and most importantly how to examine what is still remaining to work on.

What activities did you engage in to launch your hypnosis business?

  • Business Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Networking

How did training at Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services prepare you for seeing clients?

I could not ask for better support! The training covered all the fundamental know-how, very helpful as it set a solid ground and provided a very systematic process to follow through.

How has training with us helped you achieve your life goals?

I have found my calling. I never thought that I would be one of those lucky few people that would love to go into work everyday, but I am. After about the 3rd or 4th day of training I knew I had come to the right place and that I was learning probably the greatest tools for helping people that I have ever encountered. Through this I feel like I have started a new era in my life where I get to do what I want for a living and I never have a boring day.

Can you share an anonymous inspirational client "win" that demonstrates what you do and how you help people?

There is a recent success story about gaining emotional freedom from attaching to an unwanted habit that my client had struggled with for years.

I began with implanting the negative future image and associated with the undesired habit, followed by teaching physical and mental anchors to feel in control, powerful, strong, confident and proud. My client went home with small exercises and daily self-hypnosis practices as homework.

After session one, my client texted me the next day, "I had an amazing sleep. Don't remember the details but I still have a strong image of the release button with the wire" (the tool I taught to regulate impulsive thoughts).

"I had an amazing sleep. Don't remember the details but I still have a strong image of the release button with the wire"

I then enabled my client to compare the forgotten great feeling of pleasure without the habit vs. the brief excitement with the habit, and realize how much more truthful, real and lasting the former one is. After session two, my client texted me the next morning saying, "I had another trance-like sleep. I woke up and my brain and body seemed parked in neutral. Checked my blood pressure...low, and the heartbeat was only 60".

At the end of session two, my client came up with this insight: "I have changed because now I know better about what I am and what I'm really able to do, so I feel free, so I can live life fully."

During sessions three through four, my client released the suppressed, unresolved anger, frustration, resentment, guilt and grudge to self and others, as well as feelings of unappreciated, unacknowledged and unimportant.

My client then texted me saying "I am noticing I am more detached from the thought if it arises. It is just a fleeting dull and vague feeling that disappears. Previously that used to plan a sort of mind that I got easily attached to. Very good feeling this way and having this control, knowing that I am not attached and stuck."

I am looking forward to wrapping up with this client to discover the bigger purposes in life, so we can direct the focus on what really resonates with client's inner calling to their true self!

This is my way of helping people. It takes two to tango; I lead the moves and when the client follows through with CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT to keep making efforts, the dance is marvelous!

How does it feel to be helping people in such tremendous ways?

Very rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful. I often feel so touched seeing breakthroughs during sessions, proud observing transformations progressing, and empowered knowing that I have paved a good path for clients to keep going. Witnessing those changes and learning how strong I can actually help people to become, makes all the efforts worth it.

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