Kathie Hardy - From Nursing to Professional Hypnotist

Kathie Hardy has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. When she realized hypnosis was so effective in eliminating problems and behaviors that lead to serious health problems, she couldn't get into school at our training center fast enough! She still enjoys many things about nursing and feelsI that she has a more positive long-term influence in people's lives in the hypnosis office! It's her dream to help 1,000 clients with hypnosis as soon as possible!

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Ophelia Wang Goes from “Classroom to Client” and Immediately Starts Helping Others with Hypnosis

Certified Hypnotist Ophelia Wang dedicated herself to biodiversity and conservation as a scholar and professional consultant to heal the natural environment, she grew a strong interest in human beings and how the mind interacts with behaviors which lead her to pursue a fulfilling career as a Certified Professional Hypnotists. “I sensed an internal calling to take that the first step to learn the fundamental work of becoming a hypnotist. Now, I have a very rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful. career” -Ophelia Wang

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Lawrence Winnerman Healing Humanity

Certified Hypnotist Lawrence Winnerman left a lucrative job in software to pursue a fulfilling career as a Certified Professional Hypnotists. “My heart needed the satisfaction of helping people in a tangible way. After finding personal help with hypnosis, I knew what I had to do. I took a leap of faith, got my training and certification, and haven’t looked back.” -Lawrence Winnerman

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