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Graduate Testimonials

The hypnosis students we choose to train are compassionate. Every student is hand-picked based on their desire to bring relief and hope to their communities. They love getting results for their clients, just as we love getting results for our graduates. Read some of our graduate stories of success and transformation.

Interview With Professional Hypnotist Annie Alexander, Ph.D.

Annie is a certified hypnotherapist and graduate of our accredited hypnosis certification training program Her mission is to help people get fast, effective relief and permanent results using insight based and a systematic approach to hypnosis.

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Kathie Hardy, Registered Nurse

Kathie Hardy has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. When she realized hypnosis was so effective in eliminating problems and behaviors that lead to serious health problems, she couldn't get into school at our training center fast enough! She still enjoys many things about nursing and feelsI that she has a more positive long-term influence in people's lives in the hypnosis office! It's her dream to help 1,000 clients with hypnosis as soon as possible!

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Christian Skoorsmith, professional hypnotherapist

"I had already been a practicing hypnotherapist for several months, and received two certifications from other schools, but I wasn’t having the success with my clients that I wanted to have."

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Ophelia Wang, scholar and consultant

Certified Hypnotist Ophelia Wang dedicated herself to biodiversity and conservation as a scholar and professional consultant to heal the natural environment, she grew a strong interest in human beings and how the mind interacts with behaviors which lead her to pursue a fulfilling career as a Certified Professional Hypnotist.

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Erika was professional and thorough. Course material was engaging and educational. I feel well equipped to begin my hypnotherapy practice. The class is very interactive, and Erika made it fun too!

Adrienne Booth Program Graduate

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Lawrence Winnerman
Certified Hypnotist
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Shannon Wallace
Shannon Wallace
Certified Hypnotist
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Brian McCartney
Brian McCartney
Certified Hypnotist
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Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart
Certified Hypnotist
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I feel blessed beyond words to have joined here

Oh my gosh, I could go on and on. The class was run perfectly for my learning style. I am amazed at how something so heart-oriented could be presented so professionally. I will model this, the way Erika presents her services, to the best of my ability. Tim is a life-saver. From the first email I received to schedule my interview with Erika, payments, follow up phone calls... I felt fully supported, secure, and clear about my decision. It felt like there was some mind-reading going on every time my note-taking ability felt lacking, and Tim's comments, notes, or forms would pop up in the chat. I feel blessed beyond words to have joined here with them and all of the past instructors that helped during practice sessions. I firmly believe now more than ever in my life that I am in the right place, at the right time. How the course was organized- intense and full of love, made this one of the best experiences hands-down I have ever had in all of my 36 years. The flow of the instruction was incredible. Erika has such a gift of balancing the materials/ coursework with the breaks, room to share our revelations/ insights/experiences, and encouragement of self-care and love that is so necessary for this type of work- the work that I know now without any doubt I have truly received the call to do. I felt supported every step of the way, and would encourage anyone interested in hypnosis training to take this course. This fully immersive connection is truly raising the profession, no question. Proud to be a 5-PATH-er! All my heart - Emily K. Harris CPC-A

I’m so excited to go out in the world

This training has been such a phenomenal experience. Having previously gone to grad school for clinical psychology in a program that was 5 years long, I was blown away by the amount of incredibly helpful and powerful information we were able to learn over the course of two weeks that, undoubtedly, will bring about such a meaningful difference in people’s lives, unlike anything I’ve learned or encountered before. I had some uncertainty before beginning the program and wondered if I’d really feel confident going from classroom to client as a professional hypnotist after taking part in the training. That uncertainty quickly began to subside after the first day, and by the end of the first week, I, as well as my peers in the training, were already beginning to feel so much more confident, competent, and knowledgeable. I truly believe and feel that working with the subconscious mind to heal the limiting beliefs we’ve internalized about ourselves is the key to actualizing to our full potential as human beings. This training only reaffirmed that for me. I’m so excited to go out in the world and begin supporting people on their journeys to their best, fullest, happiest, and most authentic selves. Because of this training with Erika and Tim’s support, I’m confident that I can. - Kameke Brown, B.A., M.A.

Fun, informative, and transformational

I knew nothing about hypnosis, but the transformations and helping people with such great results was extremely intriguing. After having great/informative/helpful conversations with Tim and Erika, I felt that I NEEDED this class. After finishing it, I can boldly say that I was right! Not only did this class help transform me internally, but it gave me the confidence to go out and help other people make even greater transformations. I lacked in confidence and was worried about starting a real business, but now I think I have everything I need to get started, and I know that I have the help of Tim and Erika to help me become not just a great hypnotist, but one of the best in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever had even half the amount of confidence in anything I’ve ever done. The class was fun, informative, and transformational. I am so excited to go out and help others. I could only hope that someday I can run a business so well and have such a great staff!- Brittney Krier

One of the most meaningful experiences of my life

This was such a unique course. Not only did I learn more than I was expecting, but I also got to have one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I am looking forward to sharing the same love with my community applying what I have learned in class. Thank you, Erika, for all the great and inspiring information provided in your course. What a fantastic instructor! Also, thank you, Tim, for all the tremendous support and thoughtful feedback you shared. I now feel ready to go out there and help some people. - Cezar de Paula

There was just a good energy feel all around!

I loved the course, and Erika is very engaging, there was just a good energy feel all around! So much content was covered, and classes were intense, just gonna take a few days to let it all soak in but was a great experience overall! Just wanted to thank everyone so much for your hard work and dedication. It is truly inspiring and uplifting! - Verushka Stoilov, CPht

I can't recommend this class enough

Erika Flint did a great job of covering the material and keeping the class on track. The course was intense, and had to keep moving to make sure all topics and techniques were covered. The in-class practice with partners was immersive and invaluable in building both skills and confidence in our abilities as hypnotists. I can't recommend this class enough for those serious about helping others with hypnosis. - Terry Dunga

With a very recent interest in hypnosis, I researched several programs. After hours of inquiry I determined that Cascade Hypnosis offered the most professional, thorough, and heart centered program available.

Rex Coryell B.A., M.A., Program Graduate

Erika and Tim. They are totally awesome!

Erika and Tim. They are totally awesome! - Tina L. Zimmer, B.A.

Best professional class I've taken

Best professional class I've taken yet, and I've taken a lot of them. - John Utter BA

So positive and open

Erika and Tim are truly amazing! And the classmates were so positive and open. - Britta Rosenkilde

So much love and respect

It was absolutely amazing!!! The way the class was taught and the interaction helped to solidify the information. Erika and Tim are amazingly heart-centered and they treated us with so much love and respect that it helped us be vulnerable and learn even more. They are such an excellent example of truly being in service to our clients! - Robin Mazur

Life-changing, life-affirming experience

Wow. This course was a life-changing, life-affirming experience. I cannot imagine taking this journey with any other captain. Erika (and Tim) really exemplified what it means to run a heart-centered business, and it made all the difference for me. I put all my trust and energy into the past two weeks and I feel it was returned to me tenfold. I am just so extremely satisfied with everything I’m coming out of this course with and would truly recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting to learn hypnosis! - Kira Campbell

The virtual classroom ended up being quite enjoyable

Erika is a fantastic teacher, full of sincere love for her students to achieve and be successful. She is expressive and dynamic, and anyone can tell that she truly enjoys teaching and working with her hypnosis clients. The virtual classroom ended up being quite enjoyable. I was really looking forward to the live experience, but having this online experience I’m sure will affect my decision to offer online services now! The course itself was well planned and I appreciate the benefits of repetition. The structure helped me to feel quite secure of my induction delivery by the end of the course. There is a lot of information to digest, but I’m grateful to know there is much to fall back on in our manuals and with products offered. I’m ready to go!!! - Valerie Doerrfeld

Erika did an excellent job presenting the 5 PATH and 7th Path Hypnosis. She created a safe and loving environment for learning and growing. The entire class was top-notch from start to finish. Tim was also an incredible support not only on the technical side, but as support for all of the students. Thank you!

Jana Dean Program Graduate

Erika and Tim were both phenomenal

The course was well organized and planned out for optimal learning. Erika and Tim were both phenomenal! I’m very glad that there will be an opportunity to connect in person with our class and instructors, as there is a lot of value in time spent together interacting. It was very valuable to have grades sit in and observe practice sessions! - Sue Edwards

Online had added benefits

On first impression of doing this class online, I was very nervous about not getting what I would need to be an effective hypnotist. Within two days I was convinced that online had added benefits. Erika and Tim were very effective teachers with bigger than gold presence. Everything was covered as if we were in the office physically. I looked forward to being online with them and the whole class.I am excited that I also know how to do hypnosis online now. What an exciting time and Erika has been very exciting to learn from. She and Tim also really know how to spark a fire for success in me. I love it. 5-PATH and 7th Path are amazing for my own growth and for my wellness business. I can hardly wait to start sharing this new skill starting tomorrow. Thank you SO MUCH! - Elizabeth Harper-Schurman, B.S.

I would definitely encourage people to sign up

This class was awesome! I would definitely encourage people to sign up. There is so much to learn about yourself and others through hypnosis. A definite way to improve your life and let go of anything holding you back from a better one! As teachers, you have scored A++++! So proud to be one of your students! - Nancy Moudy

More praise for our hypnosis training program

I feel this training gave me everything I need to become an excellent hypnotist. I am beyond excited to get out into the world and share the knowledge and techniques. I am looking forward to continuously learning more and becoming the best I can be, for the greatest good of all. I am grateful for my instructor and the whole experience.

-Henrietta Simonis


This course was beyond what I expected. The material and the instruction matched my experience in a grad school. In fact, the instructor, Erika Flint, surpassed my expectations. As a former “talk therapist,” I am so excited to now be trained to conduct sessions that get to the deeper issues more quickly and with excellent results. I’ve learned a different way to look at feelings and their causes, and how to help clients better understand themselves. I appreciate the criteria based Phases of Hypnosis and how the material was presented.

-Melinda Turner


I’ve been using hypnosis for years helping people with various problems. Five Path Hypnosis is much more than I expected. It not just a program teaching hypnosis, it’s a true system on how to help people from start to finish. Erika dose an amazing job of presenting both the 5 Path Hypnosis System and 7th Path self hypnosis. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn hypnosis or for those who are already practicing it and want to become even more proficient

-Stan Zatorski


Erika is so passionate about how she wants to help others and help us help others through hypnosis. Erika demonstrates her thorough knowledge of hypnosis with efficiency, compassion, and humor. We couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!!!

-Tammra Sterling


This course was great and extremely informative. The incremental information exchange was perfect. Erika was an excellent instructor - clear and energetic. She encouraged questions and gave plenty of positive feedback. I appreciate that the information in this class is transformative on a personal and professional level. I’m leaving with more tools to help myself and to help others.

-Michael O’Connor


Absolutely an excellent class and experience. I feel very confident now and feel able to start in hypnosis and hypnotherapy successfully very soon!

Erika is extremely capable and knowledgeable in all aspects of hypnotherapy! She is able to effectively transfer the necessary knowledge and practical skills needed by a professional hypnotherapist in their business.

-Robert Hoffmaster


This course was very informative and insightful. I loved learning how to do hypnosis and how to best serve my clients. I also loved learning 7th Path. I had many realizations and look forward to more as I continue to practice. Erika was a great teacher and we were offered the information many times in different formats. She has an awesome support team as well.”

-Lorann Glidewell


This course far exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with the amount of information I was taught and the way in which it was delivered. I am so glad that this course stretched me far beyond where I thought I could go. I feel equipped. I do feel like an expert of hypnosis. I felt like it was worth every penny. Erika and her staff… THE BEST!!! Kind, considerate, compassionate, and professional. LOVE. 

-Christine Clift LMT


Erika has been a very dynamic, fun instructor. The class has been extremely informative and I've gained a lot of knowledge and insight. The course is very thought out and organized. The material is presented at a professional level. I feel I am leaving this class with the knowledge and confidence needed to start a successful career as a hypnotist.”

-Billie Jean Foster


Erika is the most amazing, genuine, and knowledgeable instructor. I’ve truly enjoyed this course, her staff, and the workings of Cascade Hypnosis Center. I believe I can achieve my goals because of the instruction I have received. The content of this course is relevant, current, interesting, and phenomenal. I would recommend this course very highly and confidently. Thank you Cascade Hypnosis Center, you are truly impressive, caring, and dedicated!”

-Carol Ann Evans RN, ND


The content of the course has been covered very well and a lot of extra information was given to us by Erika, based on her experience with clients. The structure of the program really helped me learn and master both the theory and practice. The energy in the class and all the sharing we were encouraged to do added a lot of value to our learning. I consider this more than a certification course, it felt like a spiritual experience and journey. Thanks Erika!

-Veronica Bovenzi, PhD

“This has been a course for my transformation. Well worth the time and the cost. It definitely put me outside of my comfort zone, but that is where I can operate at a very high level. I can’t wait to see clients and help them live better lives. Help clients achieve their dreams.”

-Charles Cohen, MBA, CFP, RICP


The course was put together in a very informative way. It kept moving in a way that held my attention. The material was presented in a variety of ways helping solidify the ideas, techniques, and information. It’s a lot crammed into an amazing two weeks. I’m looking forward to learning and growing further through the mentorship program. Thank you Erika!! :)”

-Tracy Island



The class was transformative!

So much information so well presented!

The instructor (Erika) was a wealth of information beyond what was presented in the books. Absolutely fantastic! The support staff and other hypnotists were so great, so helpful!

Extremely comprehensive!”

-Deane Benninghoven


Hard to put into words what a transformational, life-changing class this was.

Erika Flint is brilliant, kind, compassionate, and a gifted teacher. Her staff are great facilitators and made everything flow smoothly everyday.

This was my second certification class for hypnosis - first was RTT. 5-PATH made me feel like I really get it now and can move my clients through the whole process without fear of leaving things hanging.”

-Susann Martin, MA


This course exceeded my expectations. Erika and support staff were super professional and the material was very comprehensive and easy to understand.

Erika answered all our questions and she is very wise.

I’m completely satisfied, excited, and motivated. Erika was always making sure we understood everything and kept our energy up, motivating us. The ambience is very pleasurable.”

-Melina Costa de Souza


This class was outstanding. Erika insightful, informative, and gives direct suggestions throughout the class. I was specifically drawn to Erika because of her obvious business savvy. I loved that the patter was given. As a veterinarian, it is clear that we come into our own as professionals with great patter.

Erika is a gem! Her staff members were amazing assets, facilitating and guiding us as well.

Erika’s loving energy exemplifies the qualities of a caring hypnotist and shows us the way with positive supportive suggestions.

Thank you Cal - you are clearly a genius!”

-Michelle Zachry, DVM


The course was amazing. I felt nurtured and healed in balance with being prepared for my new business venture.

Erika is a consummate professional as a teacher and as a hypnotherapist. The staff was also stellar support: so encouraging, so kind, and so approachable.

-Catherine Witt, BA


Erika was an amazing teacher. The class was highly professional. The content of the class was very detailed. The staff was organized, and everything went smoothly.

Erika answered everyone’s questions and demo’ed the techniques very well.

I finished the class feeling confident in my new hypnosis skills for my future business.

From Blooming Lotus Hypnosis, thank you.

-Judge Williams


"This class is hands down the best class I’ve ever taken!

In the last 10 years, I’ve been blessed with so many teachers, and everyone at Cascade exceeded my expectations.

I feel I have all the tools necessary to be successful.”

- Cyndal Wallace

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Erika and her staff created a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for learning. The class was fun and each topic was covered thoroughly, leaning room for any and all questions to be answered. The schedule was consistent and easy to follow.

All of our needs were met for the long days attending class. The assistants, Annie and Shannon, helped with their tips, ensuring we were getting the mechanics and techniques correct with Erika’s supervision.

Erika is a pleasure to learn from and I enjoyed the class very much.

-Nancy Shelton


Exceeded my expectations - wow - absolutely life-changing.

Can’t wait to get out there and help people change their lives!

Erika was great - very procedural and professional - very thorough class! The staff is the BEST!

Thanks Cal!

-Cristin Reynolds


"I came into this class afraid and full of misconceptions about hypnosis. Erika graciously included me on her email for the new book, Can You Be a Hypnotist? My misconceptions faded away but my fear still remained. This fear reared up the first few days in class when I sat in the “big chair” for the first time.

Erika’s professionalism and compassion gave me the belief that I could be hypnotized and be safe. That moment changed me forever and helped me to be compassionate towards others who may also have fear with hypnosis.

Thank you Erika!”

Jacqueline “Jax” Mantikoski


This course has been a powerful learning experience, full of insight and material that will benefit my practice and my life.

Erika has been such an amazing and wise instructor who has taught me so much in such a remarkably short amount of time. Everyone in my class is helpful, open, and has been a vital part of this learning experience.

The power of hypnosis has many uses that can benefit anyone, which is precisely what I am prepared to share with the world!

-Cory Hill


I was really nervous on the first day and was not sure if I could make it to the last day. As the days go by, thanks to 7th Path Self Hypnosis, I was getting more confidence for myself, and got lots of insights and perceptions that I never had before.

It was surely a life-changing, intensive hypnosis training course for me. Thank you so much for such a fantastic course, Erika!! I can’t wait to start my career as a hypnotist.

-Satoko Erling


This course was amazing. I have been a teacher for many years and a professional developer for faculty and an instructional designer for 5 years. I learned so much so quickly and it was because of the course design – the high quality instruction – the amazing learning environment. I did not think I could do this but I WANTED to, and Erika showed me! I can now do all kinds of inductions and deepeners and provide SUCH high quality experiences for my clients. I am SO glad I got to do this with Erika!

I wish I had better words to describe how fantastic this learning experience was – both for my work life, personal life, and this new career!

Great learning environment. Careful, recursive, scaffolded course design. Perfect balance of high challenge, high support. Great teacher persona and care – created confidence and sense of belonging for each of us and for the group. Exceptional quality and worth every penny. I am so grateful for the mentorship.

-Jennifer Whetham, MA, MFA



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