I Couldn’t Recommend it Highly Enough

Accredited Hypnosis Certification Training at Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training and Services Testimonial by graduate Anthony Gitch.

Transcription of video : 

Cascade Hypnosis Certification Training Testimonial by Anthony Gitch

Hi, my name is Anthony Gitch. I’m a recent graduate of the approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super Course taught by Erika of Cascade Hypnosis Centers in Bellingham Washington.

I’ve been in the healing arts industry for a little bit more than 10 years as a Massage Therapist, and over those years I’ve taken numerous courses to add meaningful skills to my practice and I thought it would be nice to add hypnosis as a way to help my clients relax more deeply during our work together.

So, I started investigating different hypnosis courses offered in the Pacific Northwest and through that research I found Cascade Hypnosis and Erika. And I found that this particular course was offering something that I could teach to my clients, and it was twice the time commitment, but it seems as though there was more substance, a little bit—there was a passion in Erika’s voice that I could hear that inspired me and so I decided to jumped on board and I am thrilled that I did so, I could not have imagined that it would change my career direction, so clearly and quickly.

Erika has an amazing presence while she teaches, she’s engaging and as easily able to flow between each learning style that the students have so they are able to take in the information as presented, and each presentation was precise in its execution and delivery. It ensures that the important information was targeted and repetitive and it had a consistency that we often times don’t find in classes like this.  And I really appreciated that because everybody was able to get what they needed to get in order to make themselves successful in these career.

Erika’s passion for what she does is evident in a way that she teaches and the quality of hypnotist that she is able to produce. This course is intense and fast paced. You have to stay engaged at all times where you can learn something important, that no fears, Erika has still your back and make sure that you’re not only hearing what she is saying, but you’re able to apply it in real time with your clients.

This was a tough course, and it is certainly not for everybody. If you’re looking for something just easy-laid back, this is not going to be yet for you. This was 10 hours a day. It was hard work. We have homework every night.  But I will say if you’re a healer, this is the best thing that you can do for your clients and yourself.

I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks for your time and thanks for listening and I hope this helps you make a decision.