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Hypnosis Products from Erika Flint

Recordings, books, and downloadable hypnosis content for at-home learning.

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Hypnotherapy MP3s, Books, and More

Hypnosis Recordings

Weight Loss

Lose Weight With Hypnosis Bundle-1
Motivated to be Active MP3-1
Eating Mindfully MP3-2
MP3 Download
Eating Mindfully

Your Metabolism is Increasing MP3
Your Appetite is Suppressed MP3
Your Weight is Melting Away MP3-1
Self-Love and Inner Beauty MP3-1
Just Say Yes with Hypnosis MP3-1
Just Say Yes MP3-1


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MP3 & PDF Hypnosis Script Download
Relax, Release & Rejuvenate

Relax and Fall Asleep Hypnosis
A Higher State Hypnosis MP3-2
MP3 Download
A Higher State

Relaxation MP3
Empowering Morning Hypnosis-3
Hypnosis for Caregivers


Bridge of Insight MP3
Increased Inner Power and Self Confidence MP3 (2)
Concentration MP3 Binaural
Equinamity for Studying and Creativity

Hypnosis Books

Reprogram Your Weight by Erika Flint
Lighter by Erika Flint
Physical Book

Can You Be a Hypnotist by Erika Flint
Academy of Eternity by Erika Flint
Physical Book
Academy of Eternity

Explore Courses

We lead number of powerful hypnosis workshops and courses designed to transform your life.