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Hypnosis Quick Tip #12 : The Secret to Creating Everyday "Unexpected" Hypnosis Miracles

by Erika Flint on

Hypnosis Quick Tip #12 : The Secret to Creating Everyday "Unexpected" Hypnosis Miracles

One of the best parts about being a hypnotist is helping people overcome some of life's biggest challenges like struggles with weight and smoking, and releasing past suffering. These types of changes happens regularly in my work, and I'm grateful for that. But often it's the unexpected changes that have an even bigger impact because they were not anticipated.

The more I work with clients, the more I've come to expect hypnosis miracles in the office, and doing so has made all the difference. It happens so often that now I have a technique for helping to create these types of changes.

And I also have found a few of my favorite "magical" hypnosis words I like to use with clients in session to empower our work.

Why are they called miraculous?

A miracle is something we can't explain.  Some people believe there's a mystical or magical quality to it, but I prefer to think of a miracle as something out of our grasp of understanding at this point in time. Over time as science catches up with hypnosis and the mind-body connection these types of changes will no longer be called miraculous - they will be understood and expected under particular circumstances.

Hypnosis miracles at work

Here are a few of my favorites with details changed for privacy, and the Hypnosis Quick Tip this week is how to foster these types of miraculous changes in your office and make the most of them for you and your clients.

  • Client comes in for weight loss, but leaves without her cane. Walks without pain for the first time in months.
  • Weight loss client loses 20 pounds, but neuropathy is gone. Now she can knit again, a favorite hobby of hers.
  • Stop smoking client quits smoking for good, but then gets a promotion at work because of improvements in self-esteem and confidence.
  • Client dealing with overwhelming amounts of stress is able to find peace, and relationship with husband blossoms.

How YOU as the Hypnotist can Help Create Hypnosis Miracles

Here's a 3 step process for helping create these types of miraculous results in your office :

  1. Expect Hypnosis Miracles. Your clients may not expect these types of results, but you as the hypnotist can, and you should  expect them.
  2. Tell Stories of Hypnosis Miracles with Clients. Share stories of miraculous results with your clients so they know how powerful hypnosis can be. You don't have to limit your story telling to your own experience! Remember we are building belief in our clients here. Share stories of your hypnosis colleagues and their success - it can work nearly as well as your own stories.
  3. Float a Powerful Waking Suggestion. This trick really is amazing how well it works.  Give your clients the opportunity to allow their subconscious mind to demonstrate its power by floating a powerful waking suggestion :
    • I wonder what outcome you will have? "
    • "I'm curious what type of  result you may have?"
    • The tip above is using 2 of my favorite "magical" hypnosis words  I wonder... or I'm curious.
    • And note that the word miraculous or miracle is NOT included. We don't want to pressure our clients into thinking their results need to be miraculous, which could be overwhelming for them.

This causes your client's subconscious mind to start thinking and creating new unexpected outcomes for them, right then and there.

Watch the Hypnosis, Etc. episode below where Cal Banyan and I talk about this topic in detail :

Hypnosis Training Video #411: Everyday “Unexpected” Hypnosis Miracles!


Start using this type of thinking and language in your office now and let me know how well it works using the comments below, I'd love to hear your input!