Get New Clients By Sharing Inspirational Hypnosis Wins

Yesterday I created a video highlighting all of the client "wins" in 2015. The purpose of the video is to help people understand How Hypnosis Can Help Them, and the inspirational message Gives Them Hope.

Here's the video and you'll notice that it's only 3 minutes long :

Sharing Your Message Brings in New Clients

Part of our job as hypnotists is to share our message. And this video is in part sharing the message, but the small messages that make up the video - the inspirational hypnosis "successes" are captured each and every day in the hypnosis office on The Hypnosis Success Board.

The Hypnosis Success Board

The Hypnosis Board is in my office and clients add small and big "wins" to celebrate their success.

It works in 3 ways :

  1. Brings hope to clients who have tried everything else because they clearly see the success of others on the board. Small, and anonymous postings such as : "I didn't eat the desert""I quit smoking cold-turkey""No more panic attacks" "I can wear jeans for the first time in 5 years!!!"
  2. Teaches clients the importance of Incremental Success
  3. Helps YOU tell Your Story

Read more about The Hypnosis Success Board.

How Do You Tell Your Story?

I want to hear about your creative ways of telling your story! Share with me by leaving a comment below.