Hypnosis Training Video #509: Secrets to Conducting Online Live Hypnosis Sessions Like A Pro!

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Hypnosis Training Video #509: Secrets to Conducting Online Live Hypnosis Sessions Like A Pro!

Did you know that it's relatively easy to conduct remote, live, online sessions with clients? It wasn't always this way, and when I first started my hypnosis business the technology wasn't quite ready for the quality communication that is now available. 

Why conduct live, online hypnosis sessions? 

There are many reasons to provide online sessions as part of your services. The primary reason is convenience and access for clients. Some clients simply would not be able to make an in-person office visit to get your help, or the weather can prevent some clients from attending a scheduled session. 

The Best Online Hypnosis

The best online hypnosis begins with you - the hypnotist. You want to ensure that the technology is setup, with a backup, to properly conduct online sessions with clients. Ideally, you'll have a test run with clients to get them setup ahead of time so you're not spending any time assisting them during the hypnosis process. 

Checklist for conducting the best online hypnosis : 

  • Have a clear set of instructions for your client - this can be in an email, but ideally on a web page they can refer back to.

  • Conduct a test-run with your clients to ensure the technology is setup properly so you don't waste time during the hypnosis session configuring technology. This test run can be conducted by you, or a Virtual Admin. You can also create a short, 5 minute video on getting it setup and place that on your instruction page. This will save you lots of time and effort!

  • Utilize the best technology possible : Note that in general, free versions of software, or free services are free because they don't come with any support! Use professional software for your business. If you need help, support can assist you. I recommend using Zoom at this time, as they are becoming the standard service for conducing professional, online video.

  • Have a backup plan for communicating. Discuss with your client ahead of time, or put in the instructions that if the call is dropped, you will call them at their preferred number.

  • Client's environment should be quiet, and the door should be locked. Ideally your client will be in a room by themselves - no pets, no other people. Animals are a loving part of the family, but during hypnosis sessions they can distract our clients. Make sure your client understands how important it is that they will not be disturbed - have them lock their door if possible. Loving little ones will often come in, or spouses forget, and it can be disruptive to the session.

  • Purchase high-quality audio for yourself. It's important to create an experience for your client that is seamless - the communication should be easy, not strained. So purchase high-quality audio for yourself. This usually means headphones and a microphone.

Watch the episode below for all the details on how to properly conduct live online hypnosis sessions! 


Meta Message of this Episode

The underlying message of this episode, is that it's easy now to offer remote, live, online sessions with clients. The preferred method is still in-person, in-office - but more and more clients are getting benefits from remote sessions. The technology offers a seamless experience when setup properly, and your business can grow by offering remote sessions. 

I hope to see you in the classroom soon -  the world needs more great hypnotists! 

With love, 


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