Top 11 Truths About Hypnosis - Free Infographic for Your Hypnosis Business

Why I created this Infographic

I created this infographic to help potential clients understand the truths about hypnosis. It's a hypnosis pre-talk in infographic form! 

Once created, I realized how beneficial it would be for my professional hypnosis graduates, and other hypnotists to use to grow their businesses as well, so I had my designer remove my company logo and call to action at the bottom. 

You may use this infographic to grow your business as well! 

How to use this Infographic

  1. Download using the form above.

  2. Add Your Logo: Add your company logo and contact information at the bottom. Use mine as an example, below.

  3. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA): Add a CTA at the bottom of the file in the yellow strip. Mine says "For your free hypnosis relaxation recording, visit"

  4. Distribute it!

    1. Share it on your website

    2. Share it on social media : Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

    3. Create a blog article out of it.

    4. Print it out!

    5. Email it.

    6. Create 11 blog posts - one for each truth.

    7. Create 11 short videos - one for each truth.

    8. Create bookmarks from it

    9. Create a mini-podcast on the Truths About Hypnosis!

    10. Have it in your office and share with your clients!

    11. I'm sure you'll think of other ways to use it!

A big thank you to Kathryn McGlynn for her help proof-reading and optimizing this document! 

Also - thank you Anuj Agarwal at Feedspot for naming Cascade Hypnosis Training's blog one of the top in the world on hypnosis!