NGH 2019 With Awesome Cascade Hypnosis Training Graduates, Awards, And Amazing Talks

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NGH 2019 was an incredible weekend to see the vast successes that the hypnosis community has achieved, especially the graduates from Cascade Hypnosis Training. I had grads give compassionate and educational talks, win awards, pass their certification, and flood me with success stories from their practices. I am so proud of each and every hypnotist that has pushed themselves into a space of bringing peace and empathy to their community. Cascade Hypnosis Training is actively creating professionals who go on to fulfill their passions of helping people feel better.

The awards ceremony dinner was a festive evening, full of nothing but support and smiles. I’d like to congratulate professional hypnosis grad Lawrence Winnerman of Twin Pines Hypnotherapy in Ballard Washington! Lawrence was awarded the 5-PATH Outstanding Member award for 2019! I'm so proud of the great work he is doing with hypnosis and bringing such tremendous relief to his clients and leadership in the hypnosis community.

Stepping up and doing the hard work to achieve the next level of professionalism in their career for the benefit of their clients and communities, several graduates took their exams for NGH Board Certification! Congrats to Paulette Neeson Deckers, Dillon Sims, Lawrence Winnerman, Tracy Landrum Kim, and Kathie Hardy!!! Their hard work and dedication has broadened their capacity for success and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

I delivered an Empowering Stress Buster Workshop on Friday morning, and a talk on Amplify Your Personal Power with Hypnosis in the afternoon, which both went so well. I am very thankful for everyone that came to learn a little more from me. I've had numerous folks come up to me and express how much they liked this course - including one who said "Erika sorry to interrupt I just wanted to tell you ‘I Love You’". What a sweet thing to say! This is what happens when you are aligned with your purpose and message.

Past graduate Christian Skoorsmith expertly demonstrated his aligned purpose through an amazing talk on Trance-Gender: Hypnosis with Transgender Clientele. I am so proud of Christian for teaching a course on such an important topic that is becoming more ubiquitous in our current society. Grads of Cascade Hypnosis Training are not only finding their own personal success, but also creating systems to bring success to each and every client that reaches out to them.

On the last day, I held a one day Reprogram Your Weight certification course. There was a great turnout of amazing learners, who are now ready to share the success of Reprogram Your Weight with their current and future clients. It fills my heart with joy to know that so many people care about helping their community stay happy and healthy.

I am overwhelmed with the successes of our Cascade Hypnosis Training grads. Each graduate has found a true feeling of accomplishment in their own unique way, and they are seeing the community reflect their successes back at them through the work they do. The support of NGH continues to offer members a platform to share their personal findings, successes, and programs, and each year gets better and bigger. Our Cascade Hypnosis Training grads are out there changing the world and showing what true, professional hypnotherapy is all about.

You too can generate a professional, successful career in hypnotherapy by applying for the accredited hypnotherapy training course at Cascade Hypnosis Training. More information available below the images, or click on “Accredited Certification Course” on the header at the top of the page.

Do You Want This Type of Result ?

Me and Mr. Cal Banyan looking snazzy.

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Another great Stress Busters Workshop! Thank you to everyone that came and participated.

Excited to share this talk about how to Amplify Your Personal Power with Hypnosis

Christian Skoormsmith gave an amazing talk on Hypnosis with Transgendered Clients. I am so proud of him!

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Congratulations Lawrence Winnerman! Lawrence was awarded the 5-PATH Outstanding Member award for 2019! Lawrence runs Twin Pines Hypnosis in Ballard, WA.

Way to go Paulette Neeson Deckers, Dillon Sims, Lawrence Winnerman, and (not pictured) Tracy Landrum Kim, and Kathie Hardy on earning your NGH Board Certification!!!

Reprogram Your Weight Training for Hypnotists post conference with some of the student!!! We had a successful one day certification program.

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From the awards dinner at the National Guild of Hypnotists in Boston with fellow hypnotists Kathie Hardy, Paulette Neeson Deckers, Lawrence Winnerman and photo-bombing Maureen Banyan!

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Getting ready for a mini-talk about Reprogram Your Weight!

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We're doing a power pose here during the Stress Busters workshop!

Sold out! My copies of “Lighter” and “Reprogram Your Weight” flew off the shelves of the NGH book store and sold out entirely. I’ll need to bring more next year!