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Hypnosis Training Video #520: How to Make Money As a Professional Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist

by Erika Flint on
Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Hypnotists Love Helping People and Making a Difference

Income helps you grow your business and invest in live events, like this event I hosted on my first book, Reprogram Your Weight LIVE 

Income helps you grow your business and invest in live events, like this event I hosted on my first book, Reprogram Your Weight LIVE 

All the hypnotists I know and have trained wanted to become hypnotists to help people.

And passion and drive to make a difference in the world and have a meaningful and fulfilling career is important and worthwhile.

It is GOOD if what’s brining you into this profession is a desire to be of service, to help people.

And making money doing that is a win-win - for you, your business, your community, and your clients because income can help grow your business, and you deserve to make a great income while helping people. 

People value what they pay for, and an exchange of money when used in the right way just grows the good that you can create in the world.

Money is Important! Making money as a hypnotists allows you to grow your practice and help more people 

The financial aspect is to running a business is vital.

With income you can : 

  • Create Products : podcasts, write books, hire professional videographers to record  LIVE courses and special events.
  • Travel to and grow your business and reach :  Last year I visited Scotland, Washington DC, and Hawaii and created specialized hypnosis based products to help more people. 
  • Invest in your business and hire help: hire admin support so you can do more hypnosis, or hire someone to edit and produce your podcasts or audio products.

Being a Successful Hypnotist is Hard if You're Doing it Purely For the Money

If you’re getting into this business purely for the money, then you’ll likely have a hard time growing your business.

This is because the real value we bring to our clients is coming from a combination of a true desire to be of service, paired with excellent training and skills as a hypnotist to provide massive value and results for our clients. 

Businesses grow because of results for our clients, so we have to put our clients' needs and wants first - when that happens the money starts to flow as long as you have a great product (excellent training, great delivery, and excellent self-care).

How will you make money as a hypnotist?

Here's a list of some of the ways hypnotists make money that Cal and I discuss in the video - but there are more. There are endless ways to make money as a hypnotist. Wherever you can bring yoru clients value is an opportunity to create a product and service and be of service to your clients and customers.

Private Clients

Working with clients one on one is the primary source of income for most newer hypnotists. Over time most hypnotists will add group programs, products, and events to their regular schedule. 

Group Sessions

Teaching hypnosis in groups, for example weight loss and smoking cessation is very common, however it's not something I do. I believe we get better results working one on one, and teach only introductory courses in groups with the intention of working more deeply with clients. The only group hypnosis courses I teach are on self-hypnosis, stress, and Reprogram Your Weight system based on my books. 

Creating Products for passive income: digital products like hypnosis recordings, video courses, e-books

Creating products to sell the public - like hypnosis recordings, e-books, and video training is a great way to grow your business and share your wisdom with the world and clients.

Learning to Relax - what I offer all my clients to begin their journey to success with hypnosis at our center.

Learning to Relax - what I offer all my clients to begin their journey to success with hypnosis at our center.

How do you know what products to create and sell? 

That's easy - it's the content your clients love. When you find yourself repeating yourself to your clients over and over, it's time to create a reusable product out of that material. 

I also believe new hypnotists should have a basic relaxation recording. This offers clients a great way to practice self-hypnosis in a generic, non-specific way to all of your clients. 

Speaking, including Corporate and Business

Public speaking on topics related to hypnosis, or on self-help topics with hypnosis incorporated is a great way to grow your business and make money. Professional speakers make money by getting paid speaking gigs, and by selling products at non-paid speaking gigs. 

Writing a book

Share your wisdom with the world by writing a book! It's much easier now to self-publish a book through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and even with traditional publishers. For example Morgan James is the publisher of my first two books. 

The benefits of being a published author include : 

  • Being recognized as an authority on your topic
  • Easily share your wisdom with a wider audience
  • Hand your clients and prospective clients your book
  • Grow your business faster
  • Sell books at events

Teaching Classes

Teaching is a great way to earn more income as a hypnotists. This is related to public speaking and teaching group courses, and often teaching, group courses, and speaking are combined into workshop style events. You will make money from student enrollment fees, course materials, and ongoing support of your students and many students will likely want to take more of your courses. 

Conferences: teaching classes to other hypnotists

Hypnosis conferences are a great way for hypnotists to earn income. I speak at the National Guild of Hypnotists conference every year. You can make money by first having your conference fee paid for as a speaker, then secondly by teaching fee-based courses at the conference and selling products and meeting new potential students.

Mentoring : Ongoing support for clients, Students, and graduates

Providing deep level support and commitment to your students and clients is another way hypnotists make money. This is deeply meaningful and highly rewarding work - you get to truly support your students, graduates, and clients through a process of ongoing success. These programs are usually 6-12 months, and participants make monthly payments. They get a high level of group and one-on-one support to help them achieve their goals. 


Click below to watch the full episode and Get Specifics on How to Make Money as a Hypnotist 


The Meta-Message of this Episode : There are Endless Ways to Make Money as a hypnotist

The meta-message of this episode is there are many ways hypnotists make money. The handful shared here today are merely the beginning of what you could do to make money as a hypnotist. 

I want to hear from you! How do you make money as a hypnotist? Or how do you WANT to make money as a hypnotist? Leave a comment below. 

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