Hypnosis Quick Tip #4 : Help Clients Succeed by Focusing on what's Working

This week's Hypnosis Quick Tip is how you can help your client's succeed by focusing on what IS WORKING!

Here's how :

1. When your client returns to your office after the first session, the first thing you want to ask them is :

"Tell me what worked this week"

2. This gets your client focused on all the success they had over the week. As they tell you about all the great things that did happen, congratulate your client on all the progress they made.

3. (Optional) Share with your clients one the following Principles of the Mind :

  • What we focus on grows, so....
  • Focus on the positive, and it will grow - pushing out all negativity automatically!

The alternative : If you ask your client "how did your week go?" or, "How are you?" the likely response from your client will be  to report on  everything that did not work, even if they had 99% success they'll focus on the 1% that did not work!

Take control of your sessions - drive what you know works and get them focused on the positive from the moment they walk through your door.

Humans have a natural tendency to focus on the negative - it's called a Negativity Bias

There is a natural aspect of humans to focus on the negative called a Negativity Bias, and it's biological. The negativity bias has helped humans survive over millennia by focusing on what is most critical for survival.

Here's an example I offer to my clients if the topic comes up : Imagine that you're running for your life - being chased by a saber tooth tiger (negative) , when all of a sudden you see a beautiful shiny red apple (positive). Now you haven't seen nor eaten an apple in months, maybe years! And you'd love to stop and pick and that apple, but if you did, you'd be eaten by the tiger. That negativity bias saved your life! Fortunately in today's society our negativity bias is not as critical to our survival as it used to be (although it still critical in life or death situations).

Our negativity bias has helped humans focus on the negative to survive, so it is natural and many of your clients will be wired this way and it's your job to help re-wire their thinking!

Get your clients focused on the positive, and use every opportunity available to get them to shift their perspective in this way - because what we focus on really does grow, and your clients will  have more success when they focus on what's working.


Where does this cool stuff come from?

I learned this awesome tip from a good friend and very talented hypnotist and trainer Karen Hand, Thank you Karen!

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