Hypnosis Quick Tip #1 : Helping a Client Recover and Grow from a small "Detour"

This week's Hypnosis Quick Tip is about how to handle a report from a client that something didn't go exactly as planned - for example they ate more than they wanted over the weekend. I call these types of things a "detour" and help the client get "back on track" with the following technique : A good response is to first listen to your client, then ask, "If you had to do that all over again, how would you do it differently ?"

This gets your client thinking in the positive, and focusing how things can be better next time.

Then while in hypnosis you can use a variety of hypnosis techniques (for example Age Regression or Future Progression) to reinforce the behavioral change.

What do you think? How do you help your client focus on what is working? I'd love to hear your comments, leave them below, and if you have a Hypnosis Quick Tip to share, send it to me and if it's used as a weekly tip, I'll give you credit!

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