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Hypnosis Training Video #603: Advanced Hypnosis Training: Getting Fast Relief for Clients with Age Regression (AR) Hypnotherapy

by Cascade Hypnosis on

Age Regression (AR), is one of the most powerful hypnotic techniques for achieving fast and lasting results for our clients. It is something you’ll do with every client, and there are ways to ensure you’re getting your clients fast relief. AR can be intense and hard work! So knowing how to support your clients through AR and getting to the ISE (Initial Sensitizing Event) quickly is going to make things easier for both of you. Watch the episode above to hear our tips and tricks for Fast Relief.

Timestamps are summaries and not direct quotes.

1:50 - Clients almost always have a current issue in their life when they come to us, but we know that there's often something from their past or childhood is also contributing to their problem. So should hypnotists use age regressions for recent events, or go straight to the past?

4:50 - Erika explains the importance of ambiguity when starting AR.

6:15 - Ask your clients "why now?"

8:15 - ISE = Initial Sensitizing Event and how it helps our clients