Hypnosis Quick Tip #5 : The 4-Step Process for Even Greater Success When your Client Tries Giving You All the Credit

This week's Hypnosis Quick Tip is a 4-step process on how to further reinforce positive improvements in your clients when they try to give you - the hypnotist - all the credit. These beautiful flowers were given to me by a client this week stating "Erika, you changed my life". And while it's likely that the work we did together did have a lot to do with how her life had changed recently (she had lost over 10 pounds and was happier and more peaceful than she can remember in decades), it's important that she recognize that it was her that made the changes.

Why not take the credit for the hypnosis work done?

Because we want to instill in our clients that they did this! They had it in them to make this change, and with that change and what they learned from hypnosis, how the mind works, and the tools from the experience working with you, now they can make any change they want in their life!! This leaves your client feeling even more empowered.

It is important that you point out to your client that hypnosis did play a role, and that your expertise in the area was also critical. This helps your client understand that it was the combination of your work (hypnotist + hypnosis)  and what was already in them that enabled the change to take place. It also gives you the credit due for the great work  you've done which will lead to referrals and more success in the future. Basically, hypnosis and the hypnotist provided the catalyst to make the change, and with your expertise and you were skillfully able to help your client achieve these results.

The 4-Step process for helping your client achieve ongoing success after a big "win"

Here's what to do when your client tries to give you and/or hypnosis all the credit.

When your client says something like "You changed my life", or "I couldn't have done this without you", do the following :

1. Initially don't take any of the credit, instead thank your client, then put it all back on them with phrases like : 

  • "Thank you for saying that. I appreciate that you recognize these changes in you." Honor  the part of your client that has recognized these changes, then taken the time to share it with you. This gratitude from your client should be commended, then say :
  • "You did this. You  were the one that [ worked out in the morning ] [ practiced the techniques outside of the office ] [ had the courage to come in here in the first place ] .
  • "You should be really proud of yourself with these changes you've made. I'm proud of you." 

2. Next, thank your client for allowing you to be a part of the process and tying it back to your expertise  : 

  • "I want to thank you for trusting in my expertise in helping you achieve these remarkable results."

3. Now that you've given your client credit, and tied it in with your expertise, include all the skills your client has learned through the process (including the insight they've gained), and how that will help them achieve anything they want in the future : 

  • Hypnosis helped you realize something very important about yourself [ insight -, for example : you are good enough ], and now that you know you've made these big changes, you can accomplish anything you want in your life. 
  • Then point out all of the "tools" they learned - for example, focusing on what is working, having a routine of self-hypnosis that they stick to, not caring what others think of them, etc.,

4. Lastly, float a waking suggestion to your client to get them thinking of the next step

  • "Now that you've  accomplished this and you now know can do anything, it makes me wonder what that next thing could be?"

I like to use the word could be here instead of will be.  And the reason is that could is possibility, it gives your client and their subconscious mind to free think about possibilities. If you continue to work with your client, later on you can change your language to be more definitive, and say it makes me wonder what that next thing will be.

Now give yourself a pat on the back for doing great work, and as always let your heart be filled with gratitude for being part of the process.

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