Delight Your Hypnosis Clients with this Often Overlooked Yet Important Technique

An often overlooked technique in the hypnosis office is how to have FUN in the hypnosis session with clients. But, why is this even important, and how can we go about having fun in a way that doesn't disrespect the very real suffering or pain that the client may be experiencing? That's what the article is about today. The reason I found this topic so interesting and important is that our clients are often coming to us with often very troubling and heavy topics - pain, suffering, abuse, neglect, feelings of low self-worth, and it manifests in their life in the form of substance abuse, over eating, negative self talk, and the inability to be successful with very real things in their life.

It's important that we are able to delight our clients in the hypnosis session so they keep coming back until the work is done.

Delight means : "to please". But in this sense I'm using it in the form of - "to surprise our clients in a meaningful and pleasurable way".

Why do we want to Delight our clients with fun in the Hypnosis Session?

  • To break the ice and build rapport : This helps our clients feel at ease and more willing to connect with us.
  • To provide a memorable experience : Moments of fun in the hypnosis session help clients have a memorable session. We want them leaving our office transformed in a positive way, leaving behind the old "emotional baggage" and limiting beliefs that aren't serving them, yet also with a positive outlook and expectation for the future.
  • Laughter really is great medicine : The old saying that Laughter is the Best Medicine has a lot of scientific backing! If you want a great, short book on Laughter and Hypnosis check out Laughter for the Health of It, by Kelley Woods and Dave Berman. It's a short read packed full of great ways to bring laughter - and fun - into your hypnosis sessions.
  • It's great for YOU - the Hypnotist : It's good for you as the hypnotist to have fun in your day as well! This job isn't always easy, but we can incorporate moments of light-heartedness and fun where appropriate to not only help our clients, but ourselves.

How to delight clients with fun in the hypnosis session?

Here are some of my favorite ways to foster an atmosphere of Fun in the hypnosis session :

  • Smile : YES this is the #1 thing we can do to foster this fun in the hypnosis session. Smiling has been shown to break down barriers and increase rapport more than anything else. Non-verbal communication attributes more than 70% of what we communicate with our clients. Whatever you are saying, and when appropriate, SMILE! It helps our clients feel at ease, and they are more likely to engage with us.
  • Share stories intended to make your clients smile : In your Hypnosis Pre-talk or Pre-Hypnosis interview, share stories that are intended to make your client smile. One that I often share to give you an example is the following. For my weight loss clients, I want them to do something called "Mindful Eating", and I explain it to them this way, "I want you to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being very hungry and 1 being not hungry at all, I want you to eat at a level of 6 or above. 10 is as if you were lost in the Mt. Baker Wilderness for days, eating only roots and berries. You'd be very hungry. That's a 10. And 1 is as if you've just eaten 4 ThanksGiving Dinners!. That has made almost every single one of my weight loss clients smile. Now it's your turn. Please share your "delightful" stories below that you share with clients that always gets them to smile!
  • Use Powerful Age Progression : One of the most powerful tools we have as hypnotists is Age Regression, and Age Progression. Age Progression is when we take our clients into the future and have them experience being successful for whatever they came into us for. I almost always end hypnosis sessions with Age Progression before emerging them. Why ? Because it gives our clients the experience of being successful. Help them imagine being successful - losing the weight, feeling confident, being a non-smoker, getting the job, etc., but more importantly have them experience what it feels like to have achieved that. Then anchor that powerful feeling to something the client can easily do - like squeezing their fist, touching their shoulder, or rubbing their thumb and forefinger together so they have access to that powerful feeling outside of the hypnosis office. ASK your client what it's like for them, and if they struggle, then help them experience it. Some of our clients have been thinking what they don't want for so long, it's hard to imagine what it is they do want! Age progression should be provide a powerful moment for your client where they are having FUN experiencing their new life with the changes they just made.
  • Delighting with FUN does NOT mean Telling Jokes : Delighting our clients does not mean you should start telling jokes to your clients. That's not the type of fun that is beneficial to our clients, in general. That being said however there have been some jokes shared in the hypnosis office, but it's usually by the client.

What do you do to have FUN in the Hypnosis Session?

Please share your ideas below, I'd love to hear how you help your clients with FUN in the hypnosis office.

Watch the Hypnosis, Etc., video below where Cal Banyan and Erika Flint share how to have FUN in the Hypnosis Office

Included below is a video of Cal Banyan and me discussing this topic for an episode of Hypnosis, Etc., and it was released in late November 2015. Watch now and leave me your comments and questions below!