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Erika Flint to Speak at the National Guild of Hypnotists Solid Gold Event in Las Vegas

by Erika Flint on

Join me February 27 - 29 in Las Vegas for an amazing weekend full of great speakers, collaboration with other hypnotists, and a lot of fun. I'll be speaking at 2 pm on Sunday, February 27 on "Educate, Inspire and Drive Business With an Engaging “Stress Buster” Workshop You Can Use Right Now". I've been having a lot of fun getting ready for this event.

The talk itself is about how YOU can give a Stress Buster workshop in your area, and the Stress Buster workshop itself is something I've given in my community numerous times.

One of the things I really love about giving a Stress Buster worksop is that it reaches people that may not be directly interested in hypnosis.

Most people experience some level of stress, and this Workshop will have at least one take-away for every participant. It includes how to think differently about stress, how to control the feeling of stress in the body, and how to use stress to your advantage and allow it to empower everything you do.

The other speakers at this event are pretty much Rock Stars in the hypnosis world, including : Cal Banyan, Anthony DeMarco, Ron Eslinger, Burt Goldman, Celeste Hackett,Maurice Kershaw, Don Mottin, and Tommy Vee.

Details and registration are on the National Guild of Hypnotists Website here :

I hope to see you there!