The Secret to Helping Your First Hypnosis Client

Note : This article was originally published in the 5-PATH IAHP Spring 2016 Journal

Imagine that you are looking out over a room full of smiling faces. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves, sitting down on comfortable chairs. You look out over the span of the room and recognize every single person there. They are your clients, and they have gathered because in some way, big or small, you transformed their life. They are here to say Thank You, to you.

Cascade Hypnosis Training, Erika Flint

Every time we work with a client we have an opportunity to help change their life for the better. And even if it’s your very first client, your work will help them.

They come to us to help them with things in their life – losing weight, stopping smoking, feeling stress or pain, and we can help them “fix” those issues – but also take them much further by teaching them how transformation works. How they have everything they need inside of them already to do anything they want.

We Help One Client at a Time

And it happens one client at a time. The moment your client walks in the door, your real opportunity begins. The more present you are with your client, the more effective your work will be.

This is why 5-PATH’s systematic approach is so powerful – you don’t have to try and decipher or “figure out” your client or try to find the right script to share with them. Just follow the process - when you have 5-PATH® as a foundation and you can be completely and totally present with your client which is where our great work is accomplished.

I start every session with hope for my client – I imagine them in the place they want to be. Even when my client doesn’t have hope left – I have hope for them. I imagine them slimmer, or as a non-smoker. And because I have that belief in my work and that of hypnosis, it’s much easier for me to help my clients get there.

You May Not Realize Your Own Power

I’m writing this article because I want each of you to realize just how powerful you are right now as hypnotists. Even if you just finished your initial certification training. – you already have what it takes to help people with hypnosis.

When I think about when I first started and the work I was doing back then, I know it is different than how I work now. I am more experienced. But that’s to be expected. I wouldn’t want to work in any profession that could be figured out in a few weeks anyway. That would become boring very fast.

I helped my first clients. They still lost the weight. They still stopped smoking, started sleeping better, and still felt more at peace. And I didn’t need to do anything more than what I was taught in my initial training – other than just show up with an open heart and a desire to help people. While I saw my first clients, I took advantage of the continued education material – watching the 5-PATH® 2.0 DVD set again, and joining the BOLSM continued education group, which helped me to continue to grow.

Our work is done one client at a time. The moment your client walks through the door, let them become your complete and total focus, all for their good. Imagine your client as-if they’ve already made the changes. Help them believe in that version of themselves too.

Your Belief in Your Clients Ability to Change is Critical

Imagine your client leaving every session, smiling and happy. They made the change they wanted to make with you – but it’s more than that because now they have more confidence in themselves for making other changes in their life too. And now that person becomes one of the many in your room of smiling faces.

Who's Your Most Important Client?

Who’s your most important client? The one in your office right now. Great work is done one client at a time. And you already have everything you need to help them – even if it’s your first one.