"Ice Cream Doesn't Fix a Flat Tire" - Erika Flint's TAI Talk from Craigrownie Castle, Scotland

Your brain doesn't want that food -  it just wants to feel better. 

Learn how to lose weight with hypnosis - even when everything else has failed. 

Press the play button below to watch best-selling author and award-winning hypnotist Erika Flint live from Craigrownie Castle in Scotland for the 2017 TAI talks teach The Broccoli Test. 

Then read the recap below to learn how, as hypnotists, it's important to spread the word about hypnosis using a variety of formats. 


Grow Your Hypnosis Practice By Talking About Hypnosis

It may seem obvious how important it is to talk about hypnosis as a hypnotist, but so many hypnotists are either afraid of doing so, or aren't sure how or what to say. 

Be of Service to Your Clients

The most important thing we can share with our clients is how hypnosis can help them. Dispelling myths about hypnosis, and telling great client stories are two ways to do that. 

The mistake I see most hypnosis make when talking about what they do, is they're talking about hypnosis from their own position as a hypnotist - how amazing the work is, and what it's like to actually do hypnosis with people. And the reality is MOST PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT HYPNOSIS AT ALL

I'll say it again, most people don't care about hypnosis at all

All they care about is how it may be able to help them with their issue. 

Put yourself in the position of your ideal client, then figure out, what is their biggest pain point? How are they suffering? And from there, how can hypnosis help? 

That  is the message to share with your potential clients. 

  1. Understand their issue, their pain point. Their struggle. Talk about their biggest issue, then: 
  2. How hypnosis helps - their dream come true. 

That's it. It's a really simple concept, yet hard to do well. It's not coming from YOUR wants and desires (the hypnotist), it's coming from a position of service to you clients. 

How do you actually figure out how to do this? 

The best way is to do self-hypnosis, to put yourself in the position of your client and to go through the two steps above. 

Once you have the answers to both questions, then you can begin building a message of hope for your potential clients.

Begin by sharing it any way you can. You'll soon find it's easy to talk about, and you'll refine your message.

This is one of the easiest ways to grow your hypnosis practice - get good about talking about what you do. And it's part of all of the trainings offered at our center - that's how important it is! 

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