☆ Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation ☆

Hypnosis is highly effective at helping people stop habits they want to be rid of.

There are (at least)  two components of changing habits:

  1. Eliminating the underlying root emotional issue that DRIVES the problem (stress, anxiety, boredom, guilt, sadness, anger). The behavior itself becomes part of this drive as clients then tend to feel BAD that they once again did the behavior they don't want to be doing anymore.
  2. Eliminate the Habitual Component - the habit that goes with it. The neuropathways that are strengthened by continually supporting the habit. Our clients are doing things - like smoking, without WITHOUT THINKING. They find a cigarette (or cookie) in their mouth without choosing it. It's automatic.

We have to fix both for the change to be permanent.

Watch the video below from one of our successful grads Christian on his success with smoking cessation.


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