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3 Powerful Questions with Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez - Living Hypnotically Episode 12

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

How did you get interested and started as a hypnotist?

The seed was first planted 15 years ago when her sister who works as a school social worker, sprouted the idea that Jenn would make a good hypnotist. A few years later she got married to a disabled vet and became his acting caregiver for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. In 2018, there were some big changes in the veteran caregiver support network, so she really needed to find some new resources. Through her searching, she found Cascade Hypnosis Training, excelled through the program, and is now helping people every day become the best version of themselves.

Can you share a little more about how hypnosis would help your husband?

Her husband was suffering from suicidal thoughts, and wasn't getting support from other professionals. A doctor literally wrote him a prescription for "gratitude" with no other guidance on how to get that as though it could just be picked up from the pharmacy.

That unfortunate experience turned into motivation for Jennifer. Through training with Erika she was able to learn how we are all using self-hypnosis every day, but it is up to us to become aware of the messages we are self-hypnotizing ourselves with so that we can transform those messages into gratitude.

So many doctors had told her husband that he was disabled in many ways, and he believed them, so change was hard. But they were able to work on nutrition, sleep, stress, anger management, and a personal understanding of the self to make progress.

What are the powerful three questions?

What am I thinking? Why do I believe that? And how is that serving my future self?

These three questions will align the mindset and clarify anything that is going on. Anything that is blocking or limiting or keeping on stuck.

These questions lead us to a "because" belief, and it's very common for that "because" to be something that we heard and accepted from someone else. Maybe your mom was always afraid of spiders so you are too. Maybe a boy in school called you ugly so you believe that too. Our logical brain loves the word "because" since it is used to make logic out of anything you're thinking or feeling. These questions also reveal if we are in alignment with ourselves, or having a stress response.

What's one of your favorite techniques that you use?

One of her favorites that she learned from Erika is the Necker Cube. It's a great perception tool to show that there's always more than one perspective. It gives us a visual example of how the image can be viewed in two different ways.

necker cube

There are two different ways to view this image. The dark blue represents the front of the cube where all other lines are "behind" the blue -- either you're seeing the bottom of the cube (left), or the top of the cube (right). We use this image to help people realize that there are always different perspectives, but it can be hard for our brain to see the different perspective unless we practice making the shift. When we do practice this, we create gamma brain waves which is when the "a-ha!" moments happen.

How do you live hypnotically?

Jennifer lives hypnotically by staying present every single day. Being aware of and in control of her mindset allows her to also be in control of her emotions. And even though we can't control everything that happens in the world around us, we can control how we react to it.

Is there something you'd like your potential clients to know?

You are absolutely loved. There is no one that is more committed to you than yourself, but you're never alone.

Jennifer will also be speaking at the NGH convention happening August 11th, 12th, and 13th in Marlboro Massachusetts.

Any projects you have going on right now?

Jennifer is currently converting her favorite techniques into free social media content. She loves sharing on LinkedIn right now, and would love for you to visit her page. Her profile can be found here.

You can also visit her website for her practice Hypnosis Haven.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a hypnotist?

"Do it!!! I think it is the best thing that I have done for myself."

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