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50 Pounds Lighter, Hypnotist Eric Layden Now Transforms Lives by Ending Smoking Habits

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

Welcome Hypnotists and aspiring hypnotists to another episode of Living Hypnotically, where we explore the benefit and application of hypnosis with professional hypnotists! 

It's an honor to share with you Eric's story. 

Eric Layden graduated from our training program last October. 

We're really proud of him. 

➡️ He's already working with clients, and proving that the best technique is to do what we teach in our hypnosis certification course and go from Classroom to Client.   

Start seeing clients right away. 

The answers are within our clients. YOU do have to know everything. 

Instead, you'll

  1. Create an environment where your client feels safe using systematic and repeatable insight based hypnosis and self-hypnosis. 
  2. Reveal the deeper truth in them using insight based hypnosis.  Insight based hypnosis is easy to learn and easy to do. It's natural. You don't have to memorize any scripts and can be fully present with your client. 
  3. Invite your client to consider a different way of being using systematic skills of transformation. This is where you help your client "turn their light on" and start living again.  

That's IT! 

This is likely an environment they've never experienced before. 

Where their inner landscape is calm and quiet. 

So we get to complete a lot of great work with our clients in hypnosis. 

We get the honor of helping people with some of the hardest things in the world and we get to do it with love, grace, and neuroscience. 

Eric graduated less than six months ago and is already working with clients and helping them stop smoking. 

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Eric Layden's journey into hypnosis is as unexpected as it is inspiring.

A former correctional officer with a 13-year tenure in the film industry,Eric Layden, Professional Hypnotist Eric's life took a remarkable turn following his personal success with hypnosis, leading him to a fulfilling career as a professional hypnotist. 

It all started with a simple, yet profound, personal challenge: weight loss.

Eric and his wife, dissatisfied with their current situation, decided to try hypnosis.

The results were astounding.

Not only did Eric lose 50 pounds, but he also developed a complete distaste for soda, a change his entire family benefited from. 

Eric lost 50 pounds with hypnosis. It was intense and a big part of that was eliminating 🥤 soda.

Sometimes we can give our clients a huge win with ONE big change that helps them feel ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.
And that’s how Eric felt after that first session and soda.
After hypnosis - he wanted nothing to do with soda anymore.
Easy with hypnosis
That shift was so powerful - it was an IDENTITY LEVEL SHIFT.
It’s the before and after effect - like becoming a non-smoker.
He became a water drinker.
Now he helps clients stop smoking.
He realized the importance of helping clients transform.
We can’t just “do” hypnosis with our clients. We have to help them change.

And change is not easy - we usually want to stay the same yet have different results!?! 😂

Bless our hearts.
The amazing thing is we can kind of do this with hypnosis - coaxing the mind to want to stop the resistance, to stop the anxiety.
To stop over thinking. Stop pushing so hard against everything.
And allow them to slow into a more peaceful existence, where in fact they do change - by becoming more of themselves again.
So the change feels like a release, an unburdening.

Then we invite our clients to a new understanding and they always reach for it!!

Eric’s client stopped smoking for good by the fourth session and was skipping down the hall.

That's why it's so fun helping clients with hypnosis - we get to help them turn their "light" back on. 

We talk about the Broccoli Test and the Alpha Sequence, and how he’s getting clients by talking about what he does.

Being a part of that process is amazing. 

Hypnosis is fulfilling - and lucrative. 

Eric Layden's transition from a place of enforcement to one of empowerment is a compelling reminder that we all have the potential to reshape our lives and the lives of those around us.

Let his story inspire you to explore the possibilities that hypnosis offers.

Eric is in Berkshire County, Massachusetts and can be reached at (413) 212-0283 and

Thank you Eric for being on the show!