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Anchoring Incremental Success with the Success Board

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

Utilizing a Success Board in your hypnosis practice is one of the best resources you can have. It inspires clients, helps them pay attention to incremental success, and is a great marketing tool. My clients love seeing how their small wins stack up to huge successes after working hard with hypnotherapy to positively pivot themselves. Here's a quick explanation:



Inspiring Clients

Having all of your client successes collected in one place is a great visual representation of how powerful hypnosis is. Your future clients can find successes that align with what they are looking to work on, and help them feel a stronger sense of hope that change is completely possible. It will inspire a moment of "I can't wait to add my own success to this board."

Incremental Success

Our clients are usually struggling with a strong negativity bias -- they have been so focused on what's wrong that it's very difficult for them to notice what's going right. This is why we want to highlight incremental success, which is a success that's usually pretty small but is a very important change in behavior that dominoes into the big successes.

Intentional Marketing

Other client's success will always be one of your best marketing tools. People love to find and connect with proof that someone else was having a similar struggle to them and was able to change their life positively. Have pictures of your success board on your website, or post them on social media. Here's an example from Cascade Hypnosis:

"Now I know what it's like to love myself"

This is something you can use for your own personal practice as well! It's very beneficial to take the time to notice your own personal successes each day, and see how quickly they add up. Each success is worth noticing, no matter how small. Did the dishes? Hurray! Said no to a sweet treat? Awesome! Got some walking done by going grocery shopping? Super! Take the time to celebrate every small success.